Who is Savvy Annie?

For years now I have been a firm money-saver and see finding deals, price glitches and bargains something of a hobby (*geek*).

With this love of all things frugal, I have been following blogs of like-minded folk for a while. Two of my absolute faves are A thrifty Mrs and Miss Thrifty.

I read about a contest on BOTH of their blogs, with money saving & deals website Savoo.

Savoo were searching for ‘The UK’s Smartest Shopper” (with big cash price up for grabs).  I knew the penny pinching gods were smiling down on me as I saw the same contest on both blogs in one day.

Savoo blog image

Feeling that I had absolutely no hope of winning but seeing this as one of those ‘useful life experiences’, I bit the bullet and entered.

To my utter amazement, I got down to the final 10 (out of hundreds of other entries) and was invited to London for an interview with a highly esteemed panel! Here I am after the interview with the lovely (but also scary on the day) judges. At this point I had to muster up all of my energy to plaster that smile on my face as I was convinced I’d messed up!

Annie (1)

What felt like a lifetime later, I heard from the brilliant team at Savoo that I had won! Me, little old Annie….who would have thought it?!

They are the sole reason for me being brave enough to start this blog, which I have wanted to do for years but never dared to.

You can read more about the contest and read an interview with me, over at Savoo by clicking here. While you are there you can sign up to the site so they can send you deals and voucher codes that you can tailor to what you like. That way you aren’t being bombarded with deals that aren’t of interest to you. It’s win win.

As they’re such a useful site, I will be doing a monthly round up of their best codes and deals so you don’t miss out!

Will you be entering this contest later this year?


  1. Well, the blog’s looking great – I just don’t know why you left it until now to share your bargain finds and tips! How could you deprive us for this long? ;)

  2. Haha, I think my family and friends were getting sick of hearing about my latest finds! I love sharing on here though.

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