How To Save Money During Pregnancy

Annie IPhone Photos 069If you find yourself in the ‘family way’ have a ‘bun in the oven’ or….well you get the idea, then here are some handy tips for saving yourself a few pennies. Babies are wonderful but also very expensive!

  • Sign up to as many baby clubs as you can. This is the best way to get freebies and money off coupons sent to you.  I have put together a list of all of the baby clubs I signed up to whilst pregnant. Hop over to see that list by clicking here.
  • Stock up on baby essentials at supermarket baby events. Most supermarkets are running their baby events right now so should be doing another in around 3 months. These events are great for buying in bulk for products such as nappies, wipes and food.
  •  Use your Free Bounty Packs (normally given out at appointments with a midwife and the final one at the hospital/collect from selected stores) to try sample sized products and coupons. This is a great way to try mini versions, before you invest in full sized product. Remember to use the money-off coupons that are included in the pack, usually enclosed in the magazines which are included.
  • Sign up to SureStart. Not only is this a brilliant way to get out & about in your local area meeting other parents, it’s also perfect for trying free (or heavily subsidised) activities with your baby such as Swimming, Baby Massage and Weaning groups. Check out your local SureStart for activities running in your area and details on how to register.
  • Send off for your NHS Maternity Exemption certificate. From memory, this form was given to me at one of my check-ups by a midwife. Fill it in, send it off and benefit from not having to pay for prescriptions whilst you are pregnant and a year after your baby’s expected due date. This also counts for free NHS Dental treatment.
  •  Pop down to Asda, who are now giving away FREE Folic Acid to pregnant women. Ideal if you live close to an Asda store.
  • Head out to your local NCT Nearly New Sales! Ideal for snapping up bargains on everything from clothes to toys to pushchairs. As the name indicates, the items up for sale at bargain prices are pre-owned but in spiffing condition! I am heading to one of these sales in a few months so will report back to you with how I get on.
  • Remember the best way to maximise the value of your money off coupons is to buy the product as cheaply as possible. I always use mySupermarket to compare the price of products to see which supermarket is selling what I am after, the cheapest.

I uploaded a video on this very subject that you can watch now by clicking on the link below. I recorded it nearly a year ago now so the freebies I show may no longer be available. However, it’s still full of information which I hope you find helpful.


I really hope this was all useful. What are your top tips?

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