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My beauty regime is a distant memory now that I am a mum. Of course I still want to attempt to look presentable and know that a certain amount of maintenance (steadily increasing with age) is required.  I just don’t have the time, energy or cash to be using on the latest and greatest, flashy beauty products but I am always interested to know about the products out there that can multi-task as well as I do!

bottom butter

After reading the rave reviews of Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, I knew a pot of this would be welcome in my home. After all, if I didn’t like it, I have the bottom of said baby to hand.

Priced at just £2.89 for 125ml, this is a generous sized pot of promise. The Daily Mail claimed it to be Waitrose number 1 selling skincare product, outselling every skin cream, moisturiser and anti-ageing lotion sold at the chain. Apparently mums across the UK praised the budget butter for making their own faces feel soft and youthful, triggering a surge in demand.

This had me intrigued, so I hot-footed it down to Waitrose to pick up a pot to let you know what I thought.

My initial impression was that it seemed quite oily to the touch which made me apprehensive. My days of a grease covered face as a teenager are far behind me and that’s not a look I wish to revisit!
However, in the name of research, I applied a small amount to my face and neck nightly for a week.

I can’t say I was amazed by this but was surprised that it didn’t make my skin break out. It sinks in to the skin fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. The delicate Vanilla fragrance is a nice touch and the texture of the crème felt luxurious as the heat of your fingers melts it slightly to create a balm. I found it much nicer to use on my arms and legs to keep them soft in this weather.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t repurchase it but was glad to investigate the hype around this for myself as my son could use this too.

Also worth a mention is Sudocrem, which is great for drying out spots and Baby Oil is a dream at locking in moisture after a bath, leaving you with super soft skin.

My search is now on for more multitasking affordable products!

Do you swear by any unconventional ‘beauty’ products?

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