Fab Soap & Glory Freebie (worth £10.50) with £10 spend

Soap & Glory has to be one of my favourite brands. The signature smell of the products, the high quality and the quirky packaging are a recipe for success in my book.

I’m like a homing pigeon to their display in my local Boots so was delighted to spot this offer in store:

s&g 1And also…

s&g 2

The current offer is that you get a Free 300ml large tub of ‘Butter Yourself’ (worth £10.50) when you spend £10 or more on Soap & Glory at Boots. I have used this moisturiser before and adore the smell and how soft it left my pins after a bath!

It’s definitely worth noting before you shoot down to Boots, that this offer does not include facial skincare or cosmetics. Just remember this when selecting what to buy to kick in the freebie.

In efforts to be savvy (groan) about this deal, I wanted to spend the lowest amount possible to get the freebie (so £10 as that’s the minimum spend required).

If you buy 6 of the S&G travel sized products at £2.50 each the 3 for 2 offer kicks in so you spend £10 and will also get the ‘Butter Yourself’ for free!

s&g 3s&g5

I did however, decide to buy one of the more expensive travel sized goodies (Mist you Madly) as I knew I would get use out of it. After all, its not a bargain if you don’t use it!  So I ended up spending £11 and got 6 travel sized products and a free ‘butter yourself ‘worth £10.50.

Here is my receipt to show you the 3 for 2 savings plus the £10.50 freebie:

s&g 4

What is your favourite Soap & Glory product? Will you be taking advantage of this offer?

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