Boots Clearance Finds

Each time I visit my local Boots, I am blinkered to all other offers until I have checked out the clearance shelf at the back of the shop!

In some stores, the sale shelves are so well hidden out of view, you need to be persistent to discover it (I’ve even asked staff who don’t know where it’s located!).

Some days, there is nothing worth purchasing but the odd time, you will find it bursting with bargains. Here is what I picked up recently…boots clearance 1I was delighted to find this moisturiser as I have used it in the past and really liked it. It is still available on the Boots website right now for £14.99. Some stores will no longer be stocking certain products so it will end up on the sale shelves. RoC Hydra+ Anti-Fatigue Nourishing Cream is easily adsorbed into my skin and doesn’t leave any horrible residue. It keeps my dehydrated skin feeling plump and moisturised for hours. It’s lightly scented and a little goes a long way. At nearly £15 a pop for 40ml,I would struggle to allow myself to buy it again at that price. If I spotted it again in the sale section,  would of course snap it up!Batiste Dry Shampoo MinisThen I was drawn to this little set of Batiste Dry Shampoo (Wild Party Trio). I love this range for pepping up second-day hair. This exact set is still on the Boots website priced £4.99, so I am pleased with my £2.50 find. At 50ml each, these are fab for throwing in your handbag.

What have you found in the clearance section at your local Boots?


  1. I found some organic conditioners for brunette hair for 50p so I bought 6! Same with some FCUK shower wash! They often have the travel size bottles in clearance.
    Great post!
    Hannah x

  2. Hi Hannah, you did well too then! It’s even better when the 3 for 2 offer kicks in as well as the sale price. It’s always worth finding those evasive clearance shelves :)

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