FREE Weetabix On The Go Biscuits At Boots Tomorrow (23.4.13)

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Hi guys,

I adore Weetabix and *most* of the products they have a hand in. As you can pick up their latest offering for FREE, I’m sure it will leave a sweet taste in the mouth!

Weetabix have teamed up with Boots stores to trail a new payment scheme “Pay By Picture” (this is the first of its kind).  This trial offers UK shoppers a packet of Weetabix On The Go biscuits from Boots in exchange for a smartphone or tablet picture of a Weetabix #TAKETHEBISCUIT advert.

World’s first Pay-By-Picture shopping initiative launches

The advert will appear TONIGHT (22 April 2013) at 7.15pm on ITV during the ad break for Emmerdale. Take the photo of the ad on your phone and take it to one of the 700 Boots stores nationwide tomorrow to get your freebie.

If you aren’t an Emmerdale fan, you don’t have to endure it, just record it and snap the advert afterwards.

You can follow Weetabix on Twitter for more information on this promo @weetabix and me of course @savvyannieuk.

Will you be grabbing this freebie tomorrow?

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