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Savvy Annie April Freebies

Well it’s that time again, my round-up of freebies! Remember I always tweet the freebies I receive so follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out. I’m @savvyannieuk

Now we are all signed up and accounted for, I will kick off with a few freebies you can get your paws on right now!

Colgate are brilliant for free samples and their latest offering is Colgate Total Interdental. The perfect size for travel or overnight bags to keep your toothy-pegs sparkling! Sign up for yours by filling out this simple form.

colgate free sample


This next tasty treat isn’t guaranteed, so you will need to apply for your Two Packs Of Mars Planets super quickly! They are giving away 1,600 packs. Click here to apply.

Grab Two Free MARS Mix Bags


Again, another one I tweeted about and that many people have claimed successfully… Free bottle of Coke Zero! Head to www.freecokezero.co.uk and print off your personalised coupon. Claim before 12th May. Thank you to @kikipeanuts13 for sending this to me.

Try a Free Coke Zero


Lastly, this little gem has made me a very happy lady! Go to your nearest Kiehl’s store and ask for your free Midnight Recovery Concentrate (2ml) sample. It makes your skin super smooth, hydrated and looking youthful. The full size is bottle is eye-wateringly expensive so I might have to put it on my birthday list and drop ample HINTS over the next few weeks (yes husband, I’m looking at you!).

Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate


I got mine on a recent jaunt to London, they have a store at Kings Cross Station and are happy to give out samples!

Have you bagged any freebies lately? Share the love.

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