My Boots Haul. All For £3.15!

Boots Haul

Today I bagged myself some awesome beauty deals at Boots. I got everything in the picture above for a total of just £3.15! Saving £54.25 on original prices.

I will apologise in advance for the ‘photo heavy’ blog post but its the best way to show you the products I got, coupons I used and receipts.

boots coupons

Boots are giving out the £5 off no7 Skincare voucher, coupled with the £3 off no7 Make-up as pictured above. You get this if you spend £5 on anything in store. If you use the Self Service tills, you will be given the coupon on the right of the picture.

This glitch works by being able to use BOTH of these sets of vouchers together in one transaction. Let me show you how I did it..Mascara BB Cream


I picked up a BB Cream and an Exquisite Curl Mascara. I went to the Advantage Card Machine in store and printed out a £2 off any mascara or lipstick coupon (these machines are always worth checking for discounts!).  I combined this with the coupons I showed you above and got BOTH of these for a gobsmaking total of just 45p! Here is my receipt with the maths and full breakdown of offers plus all the coupons I used:

Mas BB Cream RecBoots coupon combinationI then picked up a BB Cream, a Perfectly Bronzed Mosaic Bronzer and a No7 Day cream..Bronzer BB Cream Day CreamHere is my receipt for these..Br BB Day Rec

For this, I used the till spit coupon and the coloured coupons (both the £5 and £3 off together) to buy all of these for just £2.70.

Sorry if you have a headache calculating this all by now! Here’s a roundup:

Thanks to ‘balletshoes’ on MSE for this amazing find. Here she breaks it down…

“One BB Cream, One bronzer and One Day moisturiser, it’s buy-one-get-one-half-price on the bronzer and moisturiser is free on the 342, then 2 lots of £8 off the total with all the vouchers = £2.70 to pay . The BB cream is classed as make-up and the self-service till spit has a different barcode to the cashier-till vouchers.”

Really hope this helps you stock up on essentials or squirrel away as gifts.

Any questions, leave me a comment and I will get back to you or tweet me @savvyannieuk.

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  1. Hia its a great offer at boots and thankgod for glitches but would this offer only work on self service tills

  2. I love a good Boots glitch too and this one is amazing! From what I have read, as the coupons state one per transaction, the sales assistants on manned tills wont accept ALL of the coupons together. Lots of people have reported that sales staff have been more than happy to put the 2 ‘shiny’ coupons through though. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi i have just come on your blog and i love it, you have some great saving ideas, i follow a lot of blogs, but dont read most but yours is brill and will be reading everyday, Thanks. x

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