Save A Packet And Get Sealing!

Hand held Packet Sealer

Yes, I am beyond sad but this battery powered gadget I have to tell you about makes this particular sado,very happy! With your minds out of the gutter, let me tell you about the wonder that is my ‘£1.29 heated sealer’. No packets within a 3 mile radius are safe.Packet sealerMy son has a habit of making a big deal of wanting certain foods. Once he is given said food, he goes off the idea and finds a new source of entertainment (normally a combination of crayon + wall =me pulling my hair out). This leaves us with multiple open packets with half eaten contents. Not good for the wallet and a huge waste of food!electric packet sealer 2This is where this little bad boy steps in. Supposedly in one swift movement (it takes me around 3), you can re-seal those packets and pop them away, keeping the food nice and fresh.  It does this by heating up the metal strip on the front (see pics) and melting the plastic together. There are a few videos on YouTube that show you it in action (

It’s not limited to food however, I’ve resealed lots of other plastic wrapped goods. The unit itself is a tad flimsy (I’ve had to put it back together once already) and it takes 2 AAA batteries.

I picked this up for £1.29 on good old Ebay and it took around 2-3 weeks to arrive. Take a look at it here.

Would you make use of such a gadget?

*This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to tell you about this nifty gadget in the hope it helps you*

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