Don’t Get Caught Out At The Post Office!

If like me, you regularly sell on unwanted goods on Ebay, you may have recently been stung by Royal Mail price hikes. Trying to estimate what the postage costs will be is a bit of an art form in itself!. The cost leaps up by a few pounds if your parcel doesn’t conform to new sizing regulations, so I wanted to draw your attention to a FREE handy gadget that could save you a pretty penny.Royal Mail size guideThis is the cardboard cousin of the plastic ones the ‘friendly’ ladies in the Post Office use. You can request your FREE template from RM right here and it should take a week or so to arrive. RM Price adviceYou can also download a PDF detailing all of the size and weight prices so you aren’t caught short and cutting into your Ebay profits!

Do you sell on-line? Have you been affected by Royal Mail price increases?



  1. Thanks for this! My sister & her boyfriend have an online business so I’ll be sure to point this out to them xx

  2. You are welcome! It will be especially handy for them. Thanks for your comment. Annie

  3. lots of sellers seem to have moved to using click and collect which seems alot cheaper if sending heavier items

  4. Excellent, as a small time eBay seller getting a size guide template is a great idea. As a small time eBay seller its crucial I get the postage right at the listing stage as there’s nothing worse than getting to the post office to find your item too big for the slot you’d bargained for.

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