FREE Personalised Bottle Of Coca-Cola

Share A Coke tourIt’s been pretty hard to avoid Coca-Cola’s latest marketing ploy, personalised bottles. If you have somehow managed to miss the hysteria it caused, well…where have you been?! I’m sure that many non-coke drinkers up and down the country have rushed out to purchase a bottle of coke branded with their name. Genius.

If your name wasn’t one of the chosen ones (there were 250), fear not, here is your chance to remedy that and grab a freebie in the process.

Free Coca ColaThe ‘Share A Coke’ tour kicked off recently and should be coming to a town near you. Here is what Coke say about the TWO types of events they have running:

1. Share a Coke vending machines

“Our special Share a Coke vending machines will be touring towns, city centres and selected music festivals around Great Britain. Head along to choose the name you would like to see on a FREE 250ml bottle of Coke or Coke Zero, dispensed from our special machines, and quench your thirst with a FREE can of ice cold Coke or Coke Zero while you wait!”

2. Share a Coke in-store kiosks

“Special Share a Coke kiosks will also be touring selected Tesco stores this summer, allowing you to choose the name you would like to be printed on any 500ml bottle of Coke, Coke Zero or Diet Coke that you buy in-store.”

coke toursThey have a list of FAQ’s right here and you can search for your nearest event here. Stay tuned for news about Coke events happening near you by following @cokezone on twitter. Whilst you are there, I’d love to see you follow me too, I’m @savvyannieuk.

Will you be going to see you get your personalised freebie? I’d love to see a pic.


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  2. please add my name on a coca cola bottle. And send me a pic.. Coz its so cool…

    Thnx in advance

  3. Please add my name on coca cola bottle n send me a pic.. Its so cool

  4. The share a coke kiosks are great if you have a couple of hours to spend standing about, also if you don’t know how to spell your name! I went last year with my kids, stood waiting for about 2 hours. Then when we got to the kiosk we were rushed and the staff tried to take over, they took all the fun away for my youngest daughter who’s name is never on anything even though it’s Robyn! You would think with Robyn singing a coke advert song that would be 1 of the names but no! Saying tht she got told where to go, on screen instructions seemed to be irrelevant to the staff, they hurried children that had been waiting for hours!! I felt that it was all just a big marketing ploy and that the people who’s names genuinely were not on bottles where treated liked a production line and the staff just wanted them gone. It seemed to me like the quicker it done the better, my daughter couldn’t even get the pleasure of typing her own name!! She even had to tell them how to spell it? Would have been quicker doing it herself. So if this is happening again then I hope the staff treat the customers nicer!!!

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