My Favourite Money Saving Apps

I find using apps to save cash and find deals is one of the easiest ways to make my money go further.  I want to share some of my absolute favourite money saving apps. This isnt all of them, just a snap shot.

  • Savoo (Free): Nice and easy to find the latest deals at your fingertips!This app features exclusives that you wont find anywhere else amongst the top brands featured. Plus, every 500th person to download it will bag themselves a £25 Amazon voucher. Grab it now for your chance to win.

savoo app

  • RedLaser (free): This free app scans the barcode on an item and searches for the cheapest place to buy it. New products are being added daily so you might need to check back regularly. Great for making sure you are getting the most for your money.

RedLaser app

  • WhatsApp (69p) and Voxer (Free) : Both apps I use daily to chat with friends and family. Ideal if your phone contract supplies you with limited texts and images, you can send them on here for free!


  • HotUKDeals: This is crammed full of deals, offers and freebies. With a mixture of national and local deals, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something of interest nearby to save you money. Word of warning though, I’ve found that the forums on here are full of abusive muppets who distract from the good work of those who have found the deals.

hotukdeals app

  • TVCatchup (Free): Less of a ‘catch-up’ tool, more ‘watch what’s on at the moment’, it allow you to watch over 50 channels live. I love to watch my favourite telly on the ipad using this app when I’ve been kicked off the sofa when the footie is on.

tvcWhat are your favourite money saving apps? Which ones do I need to check out?


  1. Brilliant post, thank you! Didn’t realise Savoo had an app so am going to download it today!

  2. I’m going to download some of these Apps now!! Anything to save a pound or too is right up my street, thanks so much for sharing this Annie Savvielicious! X

  3. I use a free Budget Planner on my Iphone/Ipad. I just enter my Bank balance and then my incomings and outgoings and then the planner maps my spend to my bank balance over the next few months to warn me if I will go over drawn. Hope this helps someone else.
    Free Budget Planner

  4. Hi Ashley, I’d love to know the name of the free planner you use, sounds great. Thanks, Annie

  5. The App is called ‘Budget Planner’ and can be found in the App Store at

    In the interest of full disclosure I also developed this App – I started out using a spread sheet for this and then felt there had to be a better way! I wrote the App and used for a few months then thought that maybe other people would find this useful too. That’s how it ended up as an App on the Store.

    Anyway – have a look, its free and if you like it share it. Would really appreciate any feedback on where people think I can take the App next!
    Thanks Ash..

  6. Savvy Annie many thanks for sharing these apps your blog is brill :-)

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