The Best things In Life Arent Free?!

Howdy! In efforts to fight off the jet lag after my Florida trip to SaveUp13 with Savoo (blog post coming soon), I thought I would show you something that made me think.

I have always been a firm believer that the best things in life are free but this swanky infographic I was sent last month made me think again on a few points…The_Best_Things_in_Life_Arent_Free (2)

*Big thanks to for this fun infographic.

What do you make of this graphic?  Do you think it shows the real cost of your favourite things? What things do you love that are truly FREE?


  1. I totally agree. Even the things I love doing like Comping and couponing that are advertised as ‘free’ are not! You have to pay for paper, printer ink and your subscription to the internet and the cost of a computer!

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