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Priceless shoes discount codeWhen I spotted this offer at Pricelessshoes.co.uk it got me thinking about the real value of cheap shoes, is it a bit of a false economy? I’d love to know what you think. Lets take a closer look at this offer means to you…

Womens Slippers   Ladies Slippers   Priceless ShoesYou can bag women’s slippers priced from just £3.75 (after discount). These wellies could be yours for a Fiver…

Priceless Wellie

And you could be stepping out in a pair of killer heels for just the cost of a coffee and a newspaper..

Priceless Heels

Priceless shoes stock Men’s, Women’s, Girls and Boys shoes as well as a limited range of accessories.

I have to admit that I own an unnecessary number of shoes. I used to buy whole outfits around a pair of shoes I loved. Don’t get me wrong, that attitude is fine if it’s what you want to do and can afford it. Those days for me are gone and for the most part, I steer towards quality over ‘throw away’ options.

What are you lead by; fashion, function or is price your king?


  1. My answer to this (as to a lot of questions) is, it depends. If you’re after a smart, wear-every-day black court shoe for the office, it’s worth the extra for a good, solid, lasting brand. If you’re after this-season’s-fashion high heel to wear to a couple of parties and then pass on to a charity shop, or a pair of casual summer shoes to laze around the beach in and get full of sand, Priceless is perfect.

  2. I bought a pair of Clarks shoes when I was buying school shoes for my daughter. Hers looked so comfortable that I bought a pair for myself and they have been great: comfortable and smart. Now that they are old I wore them on the beach and of course they ended up full of salt water and I thought that’s it, they’re finished, but I gave them a good clean and they are fit to wear again now! As I bought them at an outlet they were also ridiculously cheap and I just hope I can find some more as good now that the heels have finally worn through.

  3. I’ve never had any problem with Priceless shoes but my daughters have sometimes bought cheap shoes elsewhere, which have started to peel and leak within weeks, so that was a false economy. We’ve never had that problem when we have bought leather shoes.

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