Chest Of Drawers Makeover!

Chest of drawers DIY MakeoverI’ve wanted a dressing table/vanity unit for the longest time but was never willing to part with the crazy amounts of cash they demand. After finding this slightly beaten up one in a local charity shop, I knew I had to take it home and show it some love! It cost me just £15 so I was willing to give another upcycle session a go!

Here’s what I did to turn it from an unloved lump in to my beauty mecca….Shabby Chic chest of drawers DIYFirstly I removed all knobs and handles. Then I sanded the whole thing down (this took a while and required my days quota of elbow grease!). I then applied the first layer of primer.Shabby Chic furniture DIY tutorialAfter around 4 coats of primer/undercoat, I then painted it (maybe 2-3 coats) with my chosen colour. I spray painted the knobs and let the whole thing have a good old dry. Rain stopped proceedings a few time throughout….Shabby chic vanity unit DIYHere is my final result…Shabby Chic Upcycled DIY chestPlease check out my first upcycle attempt on a little unit right here. What do you think?


  1. Wow, that looks fab! Not sure I’d have the patience for all those coats of paint though.

  2. Lovely. Looking forward to seeing the stool/chair that goes with it x

  3. This is fab! I have never done crafts on this big a scale but you have definitely inspired me to have a go :) If you see sparkly draw handles in DIY store you should try them on then anyone would think it is designer! How are you finding the BEDN? I have just found it so I’m catching up today :)


  4. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I would definitely say have a go. I’ve loved doing these projects and will link my other ones in this post. I’m really enjoying BEDN and I will be sure to check out your blog. X

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