Relaxation: On The Cheap

Relaxation Savvy AnnieThe theme for today’s  ’Blog everyday in November‘, is relax. I am the first to admit that I am awful at relaxing and I’m even worse when I am forced to do it like on spa-days etc. I am naturally quite the blue-arsed fly and I am always running around and taking on a bit too much for my own good.

How I relax - BeautyWhen I reach burn out stage, I nearly always decide the best course of action is to soak away my stresses in a hot bath with only candlelight as company (oh and maybe Downton on the ipad). I then follow this up by lathering on my favorite beauty products and I roll into bed. To me, this ritual is blissful. It hardly costs a thing, yet rejuvenates me like no other.

My fave go-to relaxation budget buys:

  • Imperial Leather Bath in Spell Binding just £1. This stiff smells amazeballs and makes my skin silky smooth and the scent lingers nicely.
  •  Radox Bath Salts Muscle Soak, also £1 . I always add these into my bath when I know I am taking an extended dip! Great if you’ve been on your feet all day and need an indulgent revival. For a quid, you cant go wrong.
  • Scented Candles. I love this one in Sandlewood And Vanilla. This ‘Scented Dream’ candle is now £6 and is boxed up beautifully so would make a nice gift for a stress-head.

My fave go-to relaxation splurge buys:

  • I received this in a gift set and adored it but could never afford to repurchase! The Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir is for when nothing else can turn my frown upside down. It’s £19 but you only need a small amount. OOhh and use code XMAS 12 here and it will get you 12% off your next order!
  • I am down to my final spritz on my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and this saddens me. It’s been a staple of my ‘mission great sleep’ routine for many months now! You can pick it up from here for £16. Here’s to a deep sleep all round!
  • I always finish my evenings off with a luxurious swipe of Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm £9.50. It’s without question THE BEST thing that has ever graced my lips! Get your mind out of the gutter and over to SpaceNK to see what I’m banging on about.

How do you relax? What are your favorite products to help?


  1. Oooh I love a good soak! Have to call it a day when I get wrinkly though :(

  2. I had my first bath in blooming well ages last night and it was BLISS! My baby daughter was in bed and the other half was under strict instructions to not interrupt. Silence is golden. :) vx

  3. Haha, oh V, I’m so glad you managed to grab a bit of ‘me’ time. It’s so hard with a baby too. More long baths for you! :) X

  4. Just found this post but reading in the bath and I agree with imperial leather too it smells gorgeous I have the red and purple ones

  5. They are lush aren’t they Donna?! Gotta love a bit of bath time treats.

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