Re-home An Unloved Christmas Tree

Dumped Christmas TreesA change of decor, upsizing, downsizing or a total loss of Christmas cheer, are all reasons trees are abandoned each year. Looking on the bright side, this makes for an AMAZING opportunity to grab a bargain or total freebie if you are in need! Whoop!

Abandoned Christmas TreesHead down to your local recycling centre and you might be pleasantly surprised at the number of Christmas trees that reside there! For a couple of quid, it’s yours. All it will likely need is a little spruce up! You can also snap up festive bargains right now at carboot sales (probably indoor now) and charity shops alike.

Have you found a sad and unloved tree somewhere unexpected or have you spotted any amazing deals on these festive fellows?


  1. There are lots of Christmas trees on Freecycle at the moment – people must be after something new this year. Well worth jumping in and grabbing one if you’re tree-less.

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