Can You Afford To Disco?

I am probably the wrong side of 25 to even consider wearing Disco Pants but I actually like them. There, I said it. If you are reading this thinking What the heck are Disco pants, think sexy Sandy from Grease and you’ve got it.  Circulation compromising trousers basically!

Cheap Disco PantsHowever, I don’t like the horrendously stupid price tag that accompanies the American Apparel version…£74!!Madness. Many other brands have created their own version of these iconic slacks and here are a few more affordable ones I’ve spotted:

Primark Disco PantsI spied a rail full of Primark disco pants reduced down to just £5. They had Black, Silver, Red and Navy.  I’ve read some great reviews about these with regards to fit etc. Then after a browse around River Island, I noticed they have reduced their version to £20 in store but I spotted them from just £7 right here.

River Island Disco PantsBest of the rest: ASOS, BooHoo and Misguidedcheap Disco Pants trioWhat do you think of Disco Pants? Will you be sporting them this Christmas?


  1. I wore them in 1983 they were popular amongst the rock chicks of manchester. I had black n white stripey ones..

  2. Oohh Maria, they sound like an impressive pair! Fish them out again of you still have them. Rock out again.

  3. I bought myself a pair off Ebay just to see if I liked them. I’m on the fence as I think they’re difficult to style and actually make them look flattering – which is difficult for ladies with thunder thighs!

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