Freebies At Work With The Work Perk!

It would be ideal if we all loved our jobs to the point where we skipped in of a morning. Sometimes, you just need a pick-me-up during your working day. For me, this comes in the form of a 3pm sugar fix, then you are on the home-stretch!

Imagine if you could get treats, totally for free, at your place of work…..Ditch the dreaming sista, you CAN get freebies at your workplace with The Work Perk! They send you freebies and in turn, you complete a short questionnaire with your feedback on the product. Everyone’s a winner.

Here are the sort of freebies you can expect from The Work Perk:Work Perks SamplesYou can bag yourself freebies from awesome brands with everything from tasty treats to perfume and beauty samples. It’s a no-brainer!The Work PerkWhere do I sign up I hear you holla! Your work place needs to have a minimum of 200 staff to take part so you need to know that first. Once you’ve done a swift head count, hop over to their website right here and complete the application form with your company info. Then you sit and wait for the freebies to land!

You can follow The Work Perk over on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated.

Will you be signing up? What do you think of this idea?


  1. Oooooh, love this – and now I’m at Three instead of MSE, we have 200+ people! Yay! xx

  2. Those treats look FAB! Great read Annie! Another great blog post! Thank you!

  3. Oh Becca, I didn’t realised you had moved. Like you say, happy days on the staff front, you can now sign up! x

  4. But does this mean they will send a freebie to all the people in my office or just to me?

  5. Hi Charlotte, the freebies are send for everybody but remember you need to have certain amount of employees at your place of work to qualify when you register.

  6. Hi Annie,
    I just received a call from this company to sign our company up and was just wondering if they are legit. Any insight would help!!

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