12 Days Of Gifts From Apple (FREE)

I love a good freebie and this little lot from Apple wont disappoint I’m sure!

12 Days Of Gifts from AppleThe 12 Days of Gifts app launched this month with Apple set to give away 12 free gifts between 26 December and 6 January. All of the gifts will be digital that you download from iTunes.

I was chuffed this morning to receive an update telling me my first free gift was ready for me to download! Whoop! I am a big fan of early gifts to get the Christmas juices flowing.

Free Lorde song from AppleIt was a free download of Lorde’s new single ‘No Better’ and video for her cool song ‘Royals’, which I freakin love! I’m excited to see what comes next from Apple in their freebie sharing.

Will you be downloading this App? It was a no brainer for me.

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