Life Lately: The Birthday Boy

Last week, my son turned the ripe old age of 2. It only feels like yesterday I was carrying him out of hospital along with my Christmas shopping bags (true story).

I wasn’t totally convinced by the idea of him having a party, mainly due to the expense and stress to be honest but I knew I should man-up and mark the occasion.  I wanted to share some snippets of the day with you guys.2nd Birthday Party Food The Very Hungry CaterpillarI loosely incorporated a theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar as my son loves the book and I did too as a kid. The ‘cash’ napkins went down well but the cake was the real star of the show. I wanted it like this so each guest could take a cupcake away with them.My Birthday BoyMy son had a great time with all of his favorite people at his top play destination!Birthday Party 2ndThere you have it, all done for another year. I cant wait to see my little man grow and develop over the next year. He is what makes me truly happy in a life full of stresses and worries. He is the only thing that really matters.

What do you think of our party efforts?

Edit: Getting a lot of love for this theme so thought I’d let you know that I spotted lots of Hungry Caterpillar bits at Tesco Party right here. Not cheap but very much in keeping with the vibe.


  1. Oh flip! You’ve just made me realise how soon my daughter’s birthday is! She’ll be 2 too. I love the little sandwiches! And that cake is amazing! How many people did you feed with all that lot?

    I managed to get things like napkins, paper plates, cups etc in the tesco sale for like 30p a pack (months ago!) so we’re having a tea party. Should get cracking on the details! X x

  2. Oh, and happy birthday little man! It looks like he had a lovely time x x

  3. What fab cake – and such a good idea so that everyone can take a bit away with them without the usual mess – perfect idea – and way cheaper than a bakery made one!

  4. Hi Emily, thanks for your comment. We fed around 10 kids and 8 adults with that, with some eating more than others. I too picked up napkins and cups etc ahead of time and think your bits from the sale sound great. Hope your daughter has a good one! :)

  5. Hi Kirsten! You are exactly right, it turned out cheaper than what I was quoted at bakeries and it was simpler than slicing up cake when it came to clearing-off time. I adore The Hungry Caterpillar and couldn’t resist a little nod to him.

  6. Happy Christmas Annie to you and your family. In the end, family are all that matters. Have a great time!


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