Boots 70% Off Sale Carnage!

Oh my gawd! I have just experienced my first ever major Boots sale and I think my body has gone in to shock. I’m comforting myself with crumpets laden with Nutella. It’s helping. My aim was to get in and get out with:

  • Gifts sorted for my family/friends for most of the year
  • Get enough toiletries to see me through the year (namely Soap & Glory which I love)
  • Pick up some gift sets for the Thorpe Hall Hospice ‘Gift Amnesty’ which is a cause very close to my heart.

Well let me tell ya folks, I had no idea what I had let myself in for! Let me show you what I picked up (with a friend so his purchases are included in this too) and then I will tell you the grim realities.


So you can get an idea of the reductions on offer, I got:

  • Soap & Glory ‘Girl-O-Whirl’: WAS £ 40.00, NOW £12
  • Soap & Glory Facetime: WAS £25.00, NOW £7.50
  • Champneys Complete Home Spa set in Vanity Case: WAS £50.00, NOW £15.00
  • Joules horse bag with body wash and soap: WAS £16.00, NOW £4.80
  • Ted Baker Heaven Scent Perfume set: WAS £15.00, NOW £4.50
  • No7 Skin Care Collection: WAS £16.00, NOW £4.80
  • Fearne Cotton Hat Box: WAS £10.00, NOW £3.00

Even though I knew this years’ sale had received lots more publicity than in previous years (It’s normally 75% too), I wasn’t quite prepared for how busy and overwhelming the whole thing was. I arrived at my local Boots 5 minutes after it had opened. It was RAMMED and already, many of the shelves had been cleared by families who were treating this as a military exercise. I kid you not! Take a look at the pictures below. One guy had 7, yes 7 trolleys FULL of gift sets and his wife was sprinting around the shop grabbing everything she could carry – Multiple times. Apparently this gent is a regular at these sales and sells the gifts on his market stall. Also, families had taken bin liners along and blocked off whole aisles as they swept the shelves clear. MADNESS! It makes me think Boots should impose some kind of limit per customer but I’m not sure even that would deter these ‘sales professionals’.

Boots sale Greed 1

I was pushed and elbowed more time than I care to remember but seemingly this is the norm for these sales now which is a shame. I had saved up my Boots Advantage Card points throughout the year to buy this little lot and didn’t end up parting with any ‘real’ cash.

If you cant get to your local, you can try your luck online here.

Did you hit the 70% off sale today? What was your experience?


  1. Oh my word! I’m not sure I could cope with that! You got some absolute bargains though! Very organised. I really need to plan my gifts in advance to take advantage of the January sales! x

  2. Hi Sally. It was very intense but like you say, I’m organised for the year ahead now. Will start to build up my Boots points again so I don’t have to spend anything again. I do recommend going but just be prepared for the madness that awaits! :)

  3. I didnt get as much as previous years as i didnt get there for opening but picked up a few bargains and like you managed to use points

  4. Oh yes I was completely shocked at how greedy people can be!!:( shelves were swiped in seconds, I did manage too pick up some bits but my goodness I did ask myself is it ever worth it?:)

  5. Thanks Annie just got £50 worth of favourite stuff for £20 in store pickup for free
    Very happy

  6. Must depend on the Boots in your area. I’ve never seen the local ones with much of anything in their January sales. Makes me wonder if stock is shipped to select stores for clearance. Awful too how some folks behave isn’t it. I suppose they don’t care so long as they get what they want.

    Great buys on the S&G products I must say. Well done you.

  7. Wow crazy, I just looked online most things have gone I wish I’d been more on the ball! X x

  8. Blimey – that was a bit of an eye-opener. It does seem unfair that regular punters who are after some bargains get squeezed out by people buying to sell-on – but I guess Boots just want to clear the stock and the money’s the same to them regardless of who’s buying.

  9. Wow! Some great buys, jealous of the no 7 skincare set. I’m not sure I could have battled it out though!

  10. Hi Alice, yes I have to admit I was pleased with that one! As you say, it was a battle! Will do it all again next year though I’m sure (but with sharpened elbows).

  11. Did you see in some stores this weekend they have 90% off? Its the dregs but some sweets still good to eat were down from £5 to 50p.

    Stocked up on cheap all year round gift wrap too :)

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