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Eating out was something that fell off the bottom of my budget during cut-backs. I used to love going out for a meal and soaking up the atmosphere whilst devouring a meal I hadn’t had to cook myself! It felt like a luxury and when difficult times stuck, I stopped eating out altogether. Slowly, I re-introduced this treat by using discount codes, coupons and vouchers but now I have discovered Tastecard, I can afford to be a little more indulgent. This peace of wonder-plastic gets you 50% off your total food bill! How freaking fab is that?!

Tastecard DiscountsI used my card at Prezzo recently and it was a breeze. I enjoyed a lovely meal and left feeling a bit smug after the bill was slashed using my Tastecard.

Using TastecardThis cake was dreamy…

Prezzo TastecardSo, what is Tastecard ? Being a member of  Tastecard gives you 50% off the food bill or 2 for 1 meals at thousands of UK restaurants. All you do, is let staff know when booking that you have one, show up and eat and then present your Tastecard when paying to get 50% off. Easy.

Check out Tastecard to see participating restaurants near you and read up on any restrictions that might apply.

Membership costs £79.99 for 12 months but as I love you all so much, I’ve managed to blag you a FREE 2 MONTH TRIAL! (EDIT – As of 14th February, when the competition has ended, the free trail will be 1 month)

**Follow this special Savvy Annie link here to sign up for your extended free trial. You will also be entered to WIN a 12 month Tastecard.**

You have until 14th Feb to enter. Good luck!

THE WINNER IS: Maria Burchell from Grimsby! Congrats.

*This is a sponsored post



  1. I´d say I´m somewhere in the middle of a Bargain Hunter Gatherer and a Profit Prophet – more towards this last one, organised purchaser-researcher with fear of improvisation! :)

  2. Hi Maria, sorry the competition widget was having a moment and was displaying my last comp details. Please submit your entry again. Sorry! :)

  3. Would absolutely love to win! We’ve cut back on meals out as its so expensive but this would definitely mean a few more date nights!

  4. I want to win! We spend so much money on eating out, but I try to keep the costs down with mystery shopping.

  5. I really want to win, eating out is a treat only lately, so this would be a delight for me :)

  6. would love to win,. So much good food to try and friends to take with me and share

  7. I would love to win I got a free trial and then realised I couldn’t use it as it was December :( Idiot that I am haha

  8. I’d love to win. My sister’s had one of these for ages & they’re great!

  9. This would be perfect for me and my boyfriend, we’re both poor students haha :) x

  10. I want to win a Tastecard so that we can afford eat out more often.

  11. I would love to win this, I’d love to use this to reduce the cost of date nights and meals out with friends! :-)

  12. Well since the start of the year we’ve had to cut back on eating out because of the cost :( It’s a shame as I really enjoy the social aspect of it as well as the food! I had proper conversations with my fiances sitting opposite one another up at a table in a restaurant – where currently we’re stuffing our faces from the sofa watching TV!

    PS That dessert looks yummy! :)
    Jen xx

  13. I have wanted one of these for a while but couldn’t justify it as we don’t eat out as much at the mo due to being on a budget but this would surely get us out more :) x

  14. These cards are great, but remember they only give discounts on the food so do not go overboard with the drinks

  15. Yes exactly Gordon. I tried to emphasise the ‘food bill’ in the blog post but worth another mention. Good luck in the comp :)

  16. I would like to win to enable us to eat out a bit more and give hubby a break from the cooking. He’s a good cook but gets a bit fed up with all sometimes. I can’t cook as well as him.

  17. i want to win so i could treat everyone without it hurting my purse too much

  18. My partner will soon be away for most of the week due to a new job and it would be great to have budget-friendly treats for when he’s back, so we can spend some quality time together without the washing up!

  19. Tastecard is amazing! I’ve loved having the trial and would absolutely use a year long card to the max.

  20. I love discount on meals – I buy loads of meals out on Groupon and they normally turn out to be very good value!

  21. Would love to win this. We love eating out but don’t get to do it much at the moment

  22. Since having our daughter 5 years ago, we rarely go out for meals as we have to spend money on necessities rather than luxuries

  23. Would so love to win. It would mean less cooking and more going out!

  24. I’d love to win. It would encourage hubby to take me out more often!

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