How to have your hair done for free (or cheap)

You will know by now that I have a whole lotta hair! This is partly down to an awful hair disaster when I was 14 that left me looking like Wee Jimmy Krankie .That memory cuts deep, so I now prefer to keep my hair long, where I can see it.Despite having long hair, I really don’t treat it as well as I probably should. I only ever get it lopped when I see money off coupons doing the rounds or in this case, when I went along to my local Toni & Guy salon to be a hair model.

Cheap Toni & Guy hair colour

A friend from work had asked me to donate the use of my long locks to her daughter who is a trainee at the salon and I was only too happy to help. Ok, that’s a slight tall-tale, I wasn’t really up for a cut but a colour and less permanent measures are fine.

I arrived at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning, it was ‘Trainee day’. I was given a drink, made comfy and I signed a form to say I was happy to be a model for the student under guidance.  Then it was time to chose my new colour! My colour was faded and patchy as I had done it myself a few months ago with 2 packets off the shelf.

Being a hair model

The student working on my barnet, Celine, was great. She checked that I was happy at each stage and regularly checked to see if I needed refreshments or more magazines to cast an eye over. Her mentor, a fully qualified hairdresser, would also check to see that everything was being done correctly and that Celine was covering all of the points she needed for assessment. This was reassuring and they were always on hand to help if it was needed.

As I’ve got sooooo much hair, when it came to the blow dry, my lovely student called upon one of the other hairdressers (he had amazing blow drying skillz innit)  to help as time was flying by and the day slipping away. Between them, I ended up leaving the salon with the best blow dry of my life. Truly.

Hair February 2014 Celine 046A few things to consider when signing up to be a hair model:

- Time. You wont be in and out as quickly as you normally are as these students are learning (as the name suggests!) so need to take their time and be checked/assessed at each stage. Ensure you have the time booked out to allow if things over-run. I arrived at 10:30 and left at around 2pm.

-Be up for anything! Very often students will need to practice a certain discipline so will recruit models based on this. Colour’s and blow dry’s were on Celine’s list. You can check this out before you commit to being a model.

- Flexibility is key. There might be situations when you are no longer required at late notice and vice versa. Have a contingency plan in the bank.

 cheap hair treatments

I paid just £10 for a full head colour and blow dry. I’m super happy with that as I honestly think it was the most thorough hair experience I’ve ever had.  I would 100% be up for doing it again. You can get hair cuts, colours, blow dry’s and treatments for super cheap or free at most salons and training colleges.

Have you ever been a hair model? What did you have done?


  1. Hey Jen, thanks so much, I love it! You will be a beautiful silver fox for sure :)

  2. For a great home hair colour, try the range at Poundland. Yep, they’re only a £1 and just as good as many that I have paid a tenner or more for in the past

  3. I agree with the point about having a back up plan in case you’re no longer needed. Also I think its good to call and book swiftly as some students are only on short term placements. My regular salon had a student with them and since I’ve been on a money saving mission I was preparing to call them and ask for a cheap cut, but by the time I got round to booking an appointment the student had finished working with them! Now trying to find another salon in Manchester offering cheap cuts to hair models and surprisingly struggling!

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