Can a £1 bra be any good?

Over-shoulder boulder holders, puppy blankets, flopper stoppers, whatever you call them, they are a necessary evil. Oooh bra’s, you have been the bane of my life since I was 11.

When I first spotted the ‘Comfort Bra‘ in Poundworld many moons ago, I didn’t really give them a second look.  I had assumed they would be poor quality, ugly and give little to no support. I was wrong on a few points.

£1 Poundworld Bras7 years ago, I had an operation on my stomach (long story). Post-op, I had to wear a bra, not dissimilar to these ones as I wasn’t allowed to wear under wires or anything that would aggravate my stitches.  Those bra’s in question cost me £30 each! Not cheap but it was all I could cope with. They offered ‘medium’ support I’d say but you wouldn’t see me running around the place in them for fear of black eyes! Picking up one of these £1 bra’s took me right back to those days.

Poundworld £1 BraSo, what are these £1 bras like?

The good:

  • Cheap!
  • Super soft against the skin making them comfy to wear all day with nothing digging in.
  • Stretchy fabric, so forgiving for larger sizes.
  • Seamless, so great for under clothing.
  • Great for post-op or sore boobies.

The bad:

  • Sizing is pretty sketchy. Medium (dress size 8-10), Large (12-14) or XL (16-18) are the only sizes available.
  • Minimal support.
  • Colour range isn’t great but hey, they covered the 3 staples (Black, White and Nude).

The ugly:

  • Eerrrmm, they are a tad unattractive. Not one for wooing!

Overall, I think these bras are pretty darn good. For £1, they are worth a shot and for women who hate wearing under-wires, they are worth checking out. Poundworld have also released a ‘sexy’ bra (also pictured above) but I could see myself spilling out of that in no time so wont even go there!

Have you tried these, or other pound shop bras? What did you think?



  1. I wouldn’t buy them to wear for personal everyday use but if I ever needed to wear an unwired bra for whatever reason I wouldn’t mind buying or wearing them especially for a pound !!

  2. Hey Jenni, I saw them on that programme too (my guilty pleasure!) and thought I’d give them a whirl. X

  3. Hi Annie,

    If one of these bras doesn’t give enough support, they are comfy enough to wear two, or you can insert a pad. Primark and Asda do similar bras, but the Primark ones (although very strongly supportive) were not the same shape as me, so I looked like a bag of fruit wearing them. Well worth trying them, though, for £2 – 3, and being so much more comfortable when they do fit.
    Ace of Saves UK!blog/c1a4a

  4. I think they would come in handy! I would buy one even if I only wore it at weekends for lounging around when you want to be comfortable.

  5. Ha! I tried the ‘sexy’ version and had to take them back, But not before having to talk to 3 people about how I needed to return them as one cup barely covered a half my breast. ( I assure you I am not bragging). They said I couldn’t return on hygiene grounds. My advice – stay away from this version.

    The comfy bra looks like a smoother alternative. Good investigation work Annie!

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