Using my Silhouette Cameo to save money

I find it really hard to spend substantial amounts of money on myself. I always struggle to justify it *but* when I saw American bloggers raving about the wonder that is the Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter, I knew i’d get lots of use out of it. It felt like a real investment….and it bloomin well was! I’ve owned this fab machine for around 2 years now and I’ve made everything from hen party decorations, greetings cards, wall decals for my sons room, stencils for etching glass, Valentines,Christmas & Halloween themed outfits, countless gifts and personalised Christening blankets.

I just wanted to share a few things with you that I’ve knocked up (this is a teeny tiny selection)

Silhouette cameo gifts1. Personalised canvas wine bag   2. Ring/jewellery gift bag  3. Personalised shower bag   4. Slogan cosmetics pouch

Savvy Crafting ideas

1. Tux baby grow            2.Birthday top            3. Etched glass          4. Personalised drinks stirrers

Silhouette cameo projects1. Stencil ‘Scrabble’ tile cushion    2. Canvas glasses case          3. Canvas moustache pouch        4. Wash bag for travel

You can also check out my DIY moustache t-shirt, Police-man themed gift and Harry Potter goodie bags (including golden snitch).

silhouette-cameoYou can buy designs from the Silhouette cameo shop which makes projects super easy or whip up your own. Your imagination is your only limitation. Really.

They are available to buy from Amazon but I got mine as a bundle (inc vinyl) from MDP supplies. (Service wasn’t amazing but all issues were resolved)

I love using my cameo to whip up gifts or unique home projects. It allowed me to keep my creative flair alive when I was on maternity leave. I believe its saved me cash in the long-run.

Do you craft to save cash?


  1. I really like this, I see lots of similar items on Pinterest when looking for ideas for my children’s parties. This would be ideal to make our own stuff as opposed to buying cheap and sometimes tacky party sets.

  2. Hi Martin, you are exactly right, you can create such unique additions for parties etc. Fab!

  3. What is your current cost-per-use? Also, where do you get the vinyl from? I had never even heard of this machine until you started blogging about it, and am intrigued. (Ha, I sound like my gran.)

  4. Hey Miss Thrifty. I have no idea what my cost per use would be as it varies so greatly with birthdays/gift making etc. I get my vinyl from the same place I bought my machine (listed in the post) but you can pick it up cheaply on Ebay and Amazon. It’s such a great tool and I love using it. Get involved :)

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