Win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet!

Stop whatever it is you are doing. I have a too-good-to-miss giveaway from Compare the Market for you, so get comfy while I tell you how one of you lovely lot can win this awesome prize! (Hint, it’s easy peasy to enter)

As many of you will already know, I lived off credit cards for years and was just about surviving paying the minimum back each month. It was a very stressful way to live.  If I had done my homework a bit better back then, I could have potentially saved thousands of pounds in interest if I had been using the right plastic!  I was spending on them, to buy basic groceries each month and I also had cards with crazy high interest rates that I was frantically trying to pay off.

Google Nexus 7 Giveaway The meerkats over at have created a fool-proof method of selecting the right card for you, whether you are using it to make a purchase (or several) or even paying off a lump sum. Check out their page right here to grab the card that best suits your needs and bag yourself a cute Meerkat toy in the process!

Google nexus 7 competitionAs they are a generous lot, they have given me a Google Nexus 7 Tablet (32G) to give away to a lucky Savvy Annie reader!

Nexus 7The winner will not be disappointed with this amazing prize! It’s super lightweight with a crystal clear screen (full HD) and easy to navigate menu.  With its built in wifi, you can make sure you never miss a Savvy Annie post again!

To win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet, all you need to do is enter by the Rafflecopter box below and tell me in the comments section what is the best thing you have ever purchased on your credit card. Easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This competition will run until 17th March 2014 and the winner will be selected at random. The prize will be fulfilled by Comparethemarket. UK entrants only (sorry).

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. I’ve never used a credit card! It’s too much money too potentially waste! I’ve stuck everything on my debit :)

  2. The Best Thing I Have Ever Purchased On My Credit Card Is A Laptop Computer.

  3. The best thing I have ever purchased on my credit card, was all of the components needed to build a new PC. Its now, pretty much, my main entertainment system.

  4. Difficult to answer but so far I am pleased with my Toshiba laptop from Argos which was at a good price.

  5. The best thing I have ever purchased on a credit card was my laptop.

  6. A slow cooker which saves me time and makes sure I eat delicious meals.

  7. Best thing I ever bought with a credit card was a course with the Open University.

  8. hotel stays when we decided to tour round Wales

  9. Some concert tickets- I then got scammed for £1500-Thank goodness for credit card fraud insurance!

  10. Everything! Then pay off full amount by direct debit, no need to worry about the bill and have up to 50 days ton payout back. Use a cash back card to earn money as you spend!

  11. Best thing i have ever bought on my credit card has to be the kids trampoline! Best money i ever spent, they had hours of fun on it daily.

  12. a special night away for my parents wedding anniversary, they loved the surprise

  13. I have never used a credit card. It would keep my awake at night if I used one!

  14. A holiday to Center Parcs for our family it was expensive but I booked it and it was amazing

  15. i do not own a credit card and will not ever i dont believe in credit and only use what i can afford when i can afford

  16. Landsend duvet full length coat, best thing I have bought for a long time, so warm and cosy.

  17. Best thing i’ve ever bought on my credit card was an amazing romantic weekend away for our 1st year anniversary! Life is short so we’ve got to make time to spend with loved ones :)

  18. My laptop: because when it broke down the credit card insurance covered it

  19. Definitely family holiday to Disneyworld, memories of a wonderful time still live on. :)

  20. the best thing that i bought on my credit card was my holiday for finishing college in may :)

  21. My holiday!! 2 weeks of sun sea and sand best thing ever to buy with your credit card I think!

  22. The best thing I bought on my credit card was a new bike.

  23. A breast reduction! Expensive but life changing. And I like to think I am saving money by not having to buy expensive bras anymore. :)

  24. The best thing I ever purchased with my credit card was A holiday to treat my Girlfriend on her 40th Birthday.

  25. I purchased a dog once from the local dog pound for a little girl i didnt know. She was heart broken as her mum and dad thought the dogs were free and although they could afford to feed it, they hadnt bought enough to purchase the dog that day. Best feeling the world – Ever!

  26. I purchased a dog once from the local dog pound for a little girl i didnt know. She was heart broken as her mum and dad thought the dogs were free and although they could afford to feed it, they hadnt bought enough to purchase the dog that day. Best feeling the world – Ever!

  27. Parts for my computer, though I wish I never started using credit cards.

  28. I dont have a credit card, lol… fingers crossed, would love to win a tablet xxx

  29. The best thing I’ve ever purchased on my credit card was festival tickets (but I’d already saved up for them and paid it off immediately – putting them on the card, however, meant I knew I’d be covered if it was cancelled or similar.).

  30. i havent bought anything big yet but ive had my eye on a pair of leather boots from dune for a long time

  31. I treated myself to a gorgeous Michael Kors bag at Christmas!

  32. i dont have a credit card but if i did id but a kitchen aid mixer

  33. i dont have a credit card but if i did id but a kitchen aid mixer

  34. a holiday to the Maldives for me and my lovely husband

  35. Holidays are the most exciting thing. But I only use credit card for convenience and cover, I pay it off in full every month so never pay any interest.

  36. The best thing I ever purchased on my credit card was a 70-200mm f/4 L Lens for my camera. I’ve captured some cracking images with it! :-)

  37. A sunny holiday abroad (plus because I paid for it via credit card it was insured if anything went a-wire!)

  38. The Links of London limited edition watch I gave to my husband as his wedding present five years ago this August :-)

  39. Deposit for my car – paid off immediately though, only used to collect loyalty points :)

  40. I bought a much needed washing machine, worth every penny x

  41. Nursery furniture. All paid off in full at the end of the month but it gave us protection if the furniture hadn’t have arrived.

  42. Saturday night’s Thai dinner. The best I’ve ever tasted!

  43. Tricky but I think it might have to be my wedding dress :)

  44. I paid for a new wall picture on my CC, it’s lovely.

  45. The best thing I ever purchased on a credit card would be my honeymoon! (Which we paid off with wedding gifts) It made things so much easier to be able to do it this way!

  46. when I was younger, a motorbike..which gave me wings

  47. A tv I can record all my favourite shows.and be able to skip all the adverts.

  48. A pushchair for my 7 month old daughter. My husband said we couldn’t afford one and I’d have to continue using the pram so I went out and bought one on my credit card!

  49. a kitten!!! TEchnically it was a donation but still I had to use my credit card

  50. We used a 0% interest one to pay the balance on a car, paid it off within a year so no charges. Best thing we ever did with credit card.

  51. I´ve never used a credit card, but if I had one, I would use it to travel to new places! :) This is such an amazing giveaway!

  52. my digital freeview recorder box thingy. I never have to miss a programme now!

  53. The best thing I have ever purchased is my treasured Chanel handbag – now it never leaves my side!

  54. Best thing I ever bought on a credit card was a pushchair for my newborn baby girl….shes now 22!

  55. Best thing I bought on my credit card was my car insurance. I paid annually instead of monthly which decreased the amount I had to pay and I saved a couple of hundred quid. I put it on a 0% balance transfer card so the balance was paid off without gaining any interest. Little Life Thoughts

  56. We never had a cc until we went to visit family in New Zealand and it made life a lot easier from hiring cars to plane tickets!x

  57. My annual train pass as I get cashback on my credit card, and for the first purchase it was 6% so I ended up saving nearly £200!!

  58. Concert Tickets to see the Eagles and Fleetwoodmac at o2 Amazing Experience

  59. I paid to have my car fixed when I ran out of money at the end of the month.

  60. All my fuel and shopping then I come home and pay it off by debit card … I get extra points and perks

  61. A holiday to Disneyworld Florida. It was amazing

  62. I brought my guinea pigs on the credit card (only as I had stupidly left more normal card at home as the other half had, had it the previous day) but still I think that counts right? LOL x

  63. Never had a personal CC, but had a company one :) ..would be tickets to Taiwan to a trade show :)

  64. The best thing I ever bought with a credit card was the deposit for my honeymoon! :-)

  65. Flights to Fiji to look after a desert island for four months!

  66. I’m not at a financial place to spend much with my credit card, usually have a set amount of cash in hand and go to find bargains, but I have to say the best thing I did buy was a Doctor Who Tardis mug! Being a tea addict and big Doctor who fan, it was a little indulgence :)

  67. Return tickets to Sao Paulo for my brothers wedding. We flew by British Airways and it was worth every penny.

  68. My first holiday abroad to Portugal after overcoming my fear of flying :D

  69. I bought a whole car on my credit card once, with an interest free cash advance it was far cheaper than a loan! :)

  70. Tickets to take my children to the 2012 Paralympics….a fantastic experience and a chance to see what can be achieved with dedication, hard work and a strong will :)

  71. Holiday’s as I’m covered for supplier failure

  72. My credit card is rarely used for anything exciting… It did pay for trains to see my long distance boyfriend recently though!

  73. To be truthful…I have never had a credit card. If I had one, I would probably pay for driving lessons for myself :-) loving your blog xx

  74. I don’t really use credit cards for the credit itself – at times I use one for the points it gives me in Air France and immediately pay it back. Having said this, maybe the best things I bought with it was a week of accommodation in Paris. :)

  75. The airline tickets for my son to move back home from Germany.

  76. My wedding dress! Meant I was covered when the company messed up so I was protected! X

  77. My last holiday…. gives you something to really look forward to (apart from the statement coming in!)

  78. The best thing I purchased on my credit card was a recent girly holiday to the Greek Islands…worth every penny! x

  79. I’ve never had a credit card… best thing I’ve bought on credit was a barely used park avenue, though.

  80. My iPad. Only use my card if I can pay it off at the end of the month.

  81. I think the best thing I bought has yet to come-tickets and hotel for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games!

  82. A new car, effectively on interest free credit!

  83. Concert tickets for my daughters as it certainly but a big smile on their faces :)

  84. Our holiday to Florida cos of the extra protection credit card gives on transactions

  85. No credit cards here – but I did purchase my laptop on my debit card so I knew I’d be covered a bit more :)

  86. A once in a lifetime holiday to the Caribbean

  87. I bought a holiday once, but paid it off at the end of the month when I had gathered the money in from my friends who were going with me.

  88. I use credit card to buy flight tickets every year

  89. The best thing is probably a Peppa Pig toy for my daughter as she had a massive smile on her face all day long. Not the most expensive toy, but it made her day and she will happily play with it all day :)

  90. The best thing I have bought with my credit card is a trip to Rome, Italy, with my family!!

  91. Our honeymoon went on the credit card. As it was booked on line using the credit card protected us more than using a debit card

  92. My new laptop, to replace the ancient one I had struggled with for so long

  93. Just what I need as my laptop is playing up. Thanks for the chance.

  94. the best thing I bought was the pram for my first baby

  95. My Honeymoon – 9 weeks today i will be in California as a new Wifey Yay :) x

  96. I bought a dress that was way out of my price range using my credit card and I have worn that dress time and time again, and I still love it.

  97. Never had a credit card before! Probably shouldn’t have one either considering my lack of self discipline and love for shopping. Worse combination ever.

  98. The best thing I’ve purchased on credit card….hm. I think it’s pretty boring, but my monthly petrol. I use a cash back credit card which eases the pain.

  99. Best thing I’ve purchased with a credit card? My two yearly plane ticket home to Canada to see my children and grandbabies!

    Ali x

  100. A plasma screen 9 years ago – we’ve still got it!

  101. The best thing I’ve ever purchased is probably my new samsung blu ray player!

  102. It might sound boring but it was a tumble dryer – actually life changing! Ha ha.

  103. The best thing I’ve ever purchased with a credit card is plane tickets to visit loved ones. :)

  104. The best thing I ever purchased on a credit card was my tickets to Outlook Festival in Croatia a couple of summers ago!

  105. Last year we put part of our wedding on our credit card – best excuse to use our credit card!

  106. I bought a second hand car with my credit card, and I absolutely loved it

  107. a trampoline for my children the entertainment they got from it was priceless

  108. believe it or not I’ve never had a credit card! (seriously considering investing in one to pay for a nice holiday later this year though aha!!) x

  109. Definitely my best purchase on my credit card was paying my dentist for emergency oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth. The NHS waiting list was months long so I had no choice to go private, but didn’t have the cash to hand at the time so my card saved me from a lot of pain !

  110. probably a round the world trip after I left uni :)

  111. I don’t have a credit card anymore. When I did I used to pay for holidays that way. It got me out of a deary flat for a while!

  112. My wedding dress! It was a dream come true!!

  113. The best thing I’ve ever put on a credit card? All of the other ones (now cut up and cancelled) and now on a whopping 29 month interest free period which will save me £400 and bring my debt free date closer. Yay.

    Ok, that’s second best to a flight to Cyprus to see my brother get married.

  114. I got rid of my credit cards many years ago after being unable to pay them off whilst living beyond my means. I used to buy my holidays with them :)

  115. Usually I hate credit cards, but I’m currently using the British Airways to rack up air miles to help pay for my trip to FinCon in the USA later this year (hopefully). So… airmiles!

  116. I have never had a credit card and it’s highly unlikely I will ever have one! Whilst I appreciate they can be useful and are convenient for many, I prefer to save for any purchases I want to make and not run into debt. I think the temptation for some people is to put items on their credit card that they can ill-afford, and too many people keep spending on credit while their debt spirals out of control.

  117. I only ever had a credit card for emergencys not fun stuff so I’ve used it to pay for a life saving operation for my dog

  118. It was a pair of shoes I bought for a wedding, I never really inspected them as I should have when they arrived and didn’t realise until after the returns date that there was a fault with one of the straps. Fortunately due to purchasing on a credit card I was refunded immediately and the card company chased up the retailer.

    I did have the aggravation of finding a new pair of shoes last minute but I was relieved to have been refunded with ease! :) x

  119. I have never had one, I don’t like spending what i don’t have. :)

  120. Tell me in the comments section what is the best thing you have ever purchased on your credit card
    l don’t have a credit card so l have to say……nothing

  121. Brilliant prize, I’d love to be the winner please

  122. A holiday abroad for myself and my two teenage daughters after me and the wife split up

  123. A deposit fo my car, the best thing I’ve ever bought!

  124. My mum bought me a new computer – but I’ve never bought anything on a credit card! :)

  125. The hot-air balloon flight where I proposed to my wife

  126. The best thing I have purchased with my credit card is my ipad

  127. The best thing I have bought with my credit card was a family trip to Disneyland Paris.

  128. I don’t have a credit card. I’d rather spend what I have and not owe anyone anything. :)

  129. I haven[t got credit cards but the only time I did was when I was travelling round Australia for a year and had one for emergencies (ie a flight home etc) but used it to get McDonalds when I was broke!

  130. We went for 4 months using kitchen chairs in our lounge when we first moved in. when we finally bought our 3 piece suite on our card it was pure heaven

  131. Never had a credit card, I have always saved for things I want to buy

  132. The best thing I’ve ever bought on my credit card is a weekend holiday in the Yorkshire Dales as a surprise for my boyfriend on our five-year anniversary!

  133. I think the best thing i ever purchased was a car, and then used four more credit cards to pay it off at 0%, it worked out cheaper to use a card and buy it than it would have using any savings, but don’t let the card run past the free period, change as many times as you like, make every payment on time, it will boost your credit rating also

  134. My wedding dress!! & it took me years to pay of as i didn’t “compare the market” & only paid the minimum!!! Lesson learnt!

  135. i have never used a credit card as i don’t believe in credit, i save and use only cash i have.

  136. THe trip of a lifetime to the East Coast of Canada. Totally amazing!

  137. My freezer, great to have one that works properly!

  138. A holiday to Las Vegas, it was much needed and the best holiday ever

  139. The best thing I purchased was all my baby stuff for my 10 month old when she was born

  140. I dn’t own a credit card, but if I did i’d book a family trip to Disneyland paris :)

  141. I only use my credit card to shop online, so Christmas presents mostly.

  142. never used the credit card…i wouldn’t dare, stick to the debit!

  143. I so far have only ever made one purchase on my credit card, and that was just to check it worked so not exciting at all!

  144. I bought my son’s toddler bed on a credit card…it felt like a big deal…and he still likes that little bed.

  145. I used an offer on my credit card to do a money transfer to pay for a new rented flat – that was pretty awesome :)

    @auntygeek (Twitter)

  146. I don’t have a credit card anymore – severely in debt :( Frantically trying to pay them off.
    However, the only purchase I do not regret buying on them is my Ugg Boots. They have so far lasted me a good 4 years and I love them, true investment :D

  147. I used my card to buy a ticket to Shanghai – a fascinating and exciting place to visit!

  148. in my pre children days I used a credit card to go travelling in oz!

  149. An inflatable paddling pool, bbq and garden furniture, the year was 1996 our children were 3 and 7 and we had a very pursefriendly staycation for our annual hols :)

  150. Ooh! Great giveaway! Best thing purchased on my credit card was a trip to Cyprus. (First and Last time I put a holiday on a credit card though….)

  151. I don’t use credit cards – I save up before buying something!

  152. I don’t have a credit card, but my last big payment on my mortgage was pretty special

  153. We dont have no credit cards if we cant afford it we simply save up for it.

  154. The best thing i ever bought with my credit card has to be my sony laptop i love it and it is still here working fine after 3.5 years :)

  155. I don’t have a credit card but I used my debit card to buy my netbook.

  156. I don’t have a credit card but I used my debit card to buy my netbook.

  157. like some others here, I don’t believe in credit cards – it is better to save up

  158. I dont have one – cant afford one! I just use debit card…..

  159. The first lot of furniture I bought for my first house :)

  160. I don’t do credit cards but the best thing I have ever purchased is the xbox 360 because my kids love it!

  161. Its been a long time since I’ve used one – it was probably the dentist!

  162. Part of our car, it was the first car we had bought brand new :)

  163. Best thing I’ve ever purchased on my credit card was a Fender Stratocaster in candy apple red. Worth every penny!

  164. The best thing I’ve bought on my credit card is the deposit to our summer holiday – something to look forward to when you’re watching the pennies every day.

  165. Don’t own a credit card only a debit card the dearest thing bought on that was are bed

  166. A digital camera to capture all those moments that credit cards can’t buy. Xxx

  167. we had just finished decorating what was to be the spare bedroom, but due to noisy neighbours through the wall to the room we were in we decided to move into it instead.So we used the card to buy matching curtains, bedding, lamps and bedside tables. Was nice to be able to do it and not have to wait till payday.

  168. I’d have to say my wedding dress – it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever worn (I’d wear it every day if I could)

  169. My wedding reception, used the credit card for the added protection

  170. My best credit card purchase was undoubtedly my wife. Although postage was high (flights from Thailand are not cheap!), I feel I’ve got great value for money overall..

  171. A holiday! Took me ages to pay off but was totally worth it :-)

  172. A huge stereo system when I was about 20, the day I got my first credit card. It’s still going strong many years later!

  173. I’ve had a credit card, loans and borrowed money from family because I always get myself into tight spots. I am now on a no spend unless completely necessary ; food, bills, birthdays etc. the only treats I give myself was a mobile phone upgrade and redecorating a bedroom.

  174. A St. Christopher to mark my hubby’s retirement, a replacement for the rather worn out one I bought him for his 21st so so many years ago :)

  175. My dishwasher! I have better things to do than stand washing up! :)

  176. I use my credit card for everything but probably the best thing I ever used it for was the donation to Cats Protection I made in exchange for my lovely moggie.

  177. My recent holiday to Guernsey which was lovely.

  178. A Fridge Freezer in the sales but I paid it off in 3 months so was still a good buy

  179. The best thing i ever purchased was – a meal for me and my partner at Yates Wine Lodge at south shore in Blackpool.
    We had had to go back to our hotel to get changed as it rained (obviously) and stopped for lunch and it was the best romantic time ever, the sun came out by the end of our meal.

  180. The best thing I have ever purchased on my credit card is my deposit for my holiday to Orlando. It’s an amazing place!

  181. i bought a tablet for the kids from a new store, the piece of mind from the extra protection you get buying online was enough to allow me to save over £30 from high street stores

  182. 2 tickets to see U2 at Cardiff Millennium stadium back in August 2009,amazing concert and worth every penny.

  183. I purchased my Tickets to Reading festival on my Credit Card

  184. My wedding is the best thing I’ve bought on my Credit Card! Paid it off straight away but was brilliant for added protection!

  185. Bought an electric guitar for my eldest son. I wasn’t too excited, but he was really excited.

  186. tricky question, I use my credit card almost exclusively.
    TV, computer, other stuff…
    OK, I’ll go with my computer.
    (I’m sensible with it though, I always pay the thing off IN FULL on the payment date, I’m not a mug enough to be pushed further and further into debt by only paying part of it)

  187. We just got a new cat from the RSPCA today and paid for him on credit card, I think he’ll be our best purchase.

  188. Emergency champagne. It’s what credit cards were invented for :-)

  189. my flight tickets to USA to see my daughter get married

  190. A girlie weekend away with my bestie…was worth it at the time! :) x

  191. not very exciting really but its all i really use it for – food shopping when there is no other way to afford it :-s

  192. Never had a credit card, if I want something I save up for it.

  193. The best thing I have ever purchased on my credit card is a Fuji X-T1 camera.

  194. I wish I could say that I didn’t own a credit card, but the best thing I’ve purchased was flights to go away with friends for the weekend

  195. Last minute flights to Dubai on a VERY good deal! :D

  196. We bought a car on it – using a period of 0% interest :)

  197. tickets to disneyworld for the kids- their faces when meeting the princesses made it worth every penny !

  198. The best thing I ever bought on my credit card was a return plane ticket to Canada. My fourth child was only 8 weeks old when my dad was taken ill whilst visiting my sister who lives in Canada. After a couple of weeks of him being in hospital (and allowing enough time to get my daughter a passport) I made the decision to leave my three eldest children at home and fly out with my baby daughter for a visit. We stayed for a week – one week after we arrived home, my dad died. I was so glad I had the opportunity to see him one last time.

  199. Probably our holiday last summer! although I’m not sure anything you buy on credit card is good lol x

  200. I purchased an apple mac on my credit card a fair few years back! It was amazing – shame I dropped it down the stairs and killed it a few years later :(

  201. A refreshing holiday for me and my hubby when he came back from Afghanistan

  202. Flights to Paris as a 40th birthday surprise for my boyfriend. x

  203. I must be weird, I’ve never had a credit card only debit cards!

  204. I’d never been in a plane before but decided to buy a return ticket to Hong Kong to visit a friend – I flew solo!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize :)

  205. My minibus! I won it on an ebay auction and it was being sold by a company so I paid via Credit card. Apart from not wanting to carry over £3K in cash on a 4.5hr train journey to pick it up, I felt that I might have more protection if anything went wrong with the transaction.

  206. Holiday last year with my young grandchildren and my daughter (their auntie) – I left my son and his partner at home!

  207. The best thing I purchased on a credit card was an engagement ring. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary next year it was clearly an excellent choice!

  208. Our holiday fights (when the airline went bust we got our money back) and an unexpected days holiday!

  209. My Car, got loads of ‘reward’ points as well :-)

  210. A camera that has allowed me to retain precious memories

  211. A cat activity centre as it stopped them wrecking my furniture!

  212. my phone which then got stolen and was replaced by the credit card insurance

  213. Purchased a late holiday to Hurghada, a very welcome break from a cold October in England…

  214. Tyres for my car last year just before the snow came.

  215. the best thing ive ever brought on a credit card was chester zoo entry tickets the smile on my daughter face as we went into the zoo I will never forget

  216. Best thing for me was a laptop :) Shame its broke now!

  217. I bought a car for my husband as a birthday gift using my credit card

  218. only ever had a credit card once, used it once for holiday clothes left it at home while we went on holiday came home, went to do food shop & not a penny left on it!!!! Someone had been using it fraudulently!

  219. I bleached my hair and it went orange so I had to do the walk of shame to the hairdressers and pay a LOT of money to sort it out. Put that on my credit card :D

  220. My Dyson, I bought it 9 years ago and it’s still going strong :)

  221. Best thing I ever purchased on my credit card was the deposit for my wedding in Las Vegas :)

  222. My laptop. Means I can multi task while watching telly.

  223. I dont have a credit card (which is definitely a good thing!) x lol x

  224. I don’t own any credit cards so only use my debit card, though I want to get one to use to purchase anything over £100 to have the protection if something goes wrong

  225. Best thing I bought on my credit card was a holiday to Australia and all the internal flights to allow me to see as much as possible of an amazing country!

  226. A spring trip to Paris with my bestie to celebrate her kicking breast cancer’s butt!

  227. A holiday to Jamaica with my boyfriend at the time, we got engaged over there. Have now paid off all my credit cards and am planning to stay credit free!

  228. The best thing I ever bought on my credit card was a car.

  229. The best buy on credit card was my professional DJ kits as for years I’d used a basic pair of Turntables & so couldn’t do parties or gigs.

  230. The Nexus 7 is actually a really nice tablet too! I do web development for my job, and the Nexus 7 is one of the tablets that we test the websites we create on. Yes, I prefer iPads, but the Nexus 7 is amazing for the money.

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