Cheap Fridge makeover!

Last summer, I tried to be all fancy-pants and I bought a second hand Smeg fridge freezer. Whilst it was a thing of beauty (she really was), the blasted thing didn’t work so needless to say, she had to go.  She was more of an expensive cupboard in the end. Oh sad face.

Anyway, my darling friend, gave me an old (but still working perfectly) fridge freezer. It was originally intended to be used for a short time before I found enough cash in the budget to buy another. Then I decided, to re-live my failed Smeg dreams and give this tired looking fridge the makeover it had always wanted!

I bought a can of this (yes my old Smeg was a scarily similar colour) for £7.98 from B&Q…

FRIDGE SPRAY PAINTThen I washed my fridge doors down with a damp cloth, applied a spotted blue & white polka dot vinyl to one side (self adhesive from Wilkinsons) and spray painted away!

Here is is before:

Fridge makeover BEFORE

After one full coat of spray paint:spray paint a fridge


Fridge makeover AFTERI was happy to not have totally gassed myself in the process (good ventilation is key my friends!) of this super easy and fun fridge makeover!  It’s a stinky job folks. The whole thing took me under an hour but you need to leave it to dry over night and then do touch-ups if necessary.

My camera doesn’t do the beautiful finish justice but I love the results!

I think this has given the fridge a new lease of life and it was so cheap to do.

What do you think?


  1. Such a fab idea. This could save so many fridges & freezers from the tip!
    I’d never thought of this before :)

  2. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. Thanks!

  3. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? It looks so good! I wonder if that paint would work on filing cabinets – same sort of finish.

  4. This is an amazing result – and a lot cheaper than buying a new fridge! Love this idea!

  5. That’s fab! Think I might have to do this with ours! Quite fancy turquoise :)

  6. Hey Thrifty! Yep, waaayy cheaper than a Smeg and still gives me the same pleasure!

  7. Hey Danielle, thanks so much. Yes, go check out the colour range and get spraying. Hope it turns out as you hope. :)

  8. Hello Kirsten!
    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this project and glad you did too. x

  9. Hey Emma! Yes, this is defo A THING! I think this spray paint would work on filing cabinets ( I even have a small one to test it out on) and it would give the same finish. They have a limited (but also good) colour range. Let me know if you decide to do a project with it, I’d love to see it.

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