Mothers Day With A Difference (Treat to self)

I love being a mummy but it aint half tricky at times! In recent days, I’ve been wading through all the cutesie promotional e-mails filled with flowers and choccy gifts. That’s why, when the guys over at Bespoke Offers got in touch with gifts outside the norm, they had my attention!

As my son is only 2, I have decided that I should treat myself to a gift this year. I know he’d want it for mumma.

The gift that caught my eye from the get-go was this, under the Spa Offers heading:

Mothers Day TreatLong-term readers of my blog will know that I really struggle to relax but I am trying to break this curse. I’ve booked this Pamper Day for two with Virgin Active. You get full use of the spa facilities, plus a 55 minute treatment each! I think I am going to brave it and go for the rubby-mc-rubson full body massage. They will have to forcefully remove me from the lounger by the end of the day. Bring it on!  Here is the Spa Break deals page so you can see current offers. Remember to look out for expiry dates and participating locations on offer like this.  It was super easy to place my self indulgent order. You just add the offer to your basket and pay at checkout. They then send you a voucher.

What it says on their tin:“Bespoke offers from Barclaycard is a new service which gives everyone access, online and on their mobile phones, to lots of money saving offers from big brands and local businesses across the UK”Mothers Day Offers

They have their Mothers Day page here but to be honest, I think you can make any gift on the site suitable for the occasion. There are lots of fab offers on here with HUGE discounts on most.

So, that’s what I will be treating myself to this Mothers Day. What will you be doing?



  1. It is very important for being a mother that you also time for your self. Besides a role of being a mother is not that easy. So it is also important to gave your self a break. Your article is very true, I agree with you.

  2. I’m going on my first pamper day this Mother’s Day too! I can’t wait. My daughter will join me for some much needed rest.

  3. I got a body shop discount through Barclays offers before. Very happy.
    Hope you have a nice mothers day will it be your first?

  4. Hi Rosa. Yes, I think I remember that deal. My son is 2, so not the first. He made me a necklace out of pasta at nursery and I nearly cried when I saw it!

  5. Hope you have a lovely relaxing time… You deserve it.

    I am having 2 mothers days … One will be friday with my nan and then on sunday we are going down my mother in laws and my wife, who is a chef, will be cooking a lovely meal.

    Both my nan & my mother in law have placques as their presents.

  6. Just eyeing up those jewellery deals for me mam.

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