Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

A fair few years have passed since I first clapped eyes on a table made from an old suitcase. I thought the idea was beyond genius and I love how it gave new life to something old and a bit sad looking. Like one of those things you never forget, like your first love or a really amazing cake (always about the food!), it stuck in my memory and I always knew I’d attempt to make one.

So, when I saw the comp hosted by Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts over on brilliant blog Burkatron, it gave me the virtual kick up the jacksie I needed to finally do it!

The idea is, that you have to use one of their beautiful pieces of fabric in a project.  I chose to work with ‘Bird Parade Teal‘, which is this stunning printed material which was a dream to work with.

Stick around if you want to see how I turned this £2 suitcase I picked up at auction, in to a fabulous bedside table.

Suitcase Table TUTORIALFirstly, I measured my suitcase and cut a piece of MDF out to line the bottom. I did this so it would be more sturdy and supported for when I needed to drill the leg attachments in.

DIY Suitcase Table Step 1Once the MDF was snug and in place inside my case, I placed the attachments where I wanted them underneath and got drilling!

DIY Suitcase Table step 2I gave the case a clean, cracked open my chosen spray paint (I used one suitable for use on plastics) in a colour I love and I knew it would accentuate the design on the fabric.  I then set about spraying. Yep, that is a picture of my finger stained by the paint (and my decking bares the scars too…ooppps).

Suitcase Table DIY 3I then measured out my fabric against the top of my case and cut around the edge.  I used a permanent spray adhesive to glue it down. You have to work quickly with this little guy though, it dries at lightning speed! I then trimmed off any unruly edges with a craft knife.

Suitcase Table DIY CompleteThis is the finished article which I adore!  It’s now home to PJ’s and blankets beside my bed.

Suitcase Table before and afterI couldn’t think of a more fitting way to showcase this beautiful fabric from Hillarys!

The whole project cost under £15.00.

Case £2 (Auction) Legs and attachments £5.50 (Ebay) Spray Paint £3.48 (B&q), Spray glue £4 in half price sale (Hobbycraft) .

What do you think of my vintage suitcase table?  Hope you like it.


  1. Yea so this is absolutely amazing! Is it sturdy enough to put a drink on (all the important questions)?

  2. Thanks Emma! Yes of course, its a very hard plastic so its super sturdy and will hold up my glass of wine later no problem :)

  3. This is absolutely stunning, and I love the concept of a suitcase table! I actually haven’t even seen anything like this for sale in a shop before either. Had you seen any commercially available ones for inspiration? And how do you deal without a drawer (probably a ridiculous question, but having a drawer is so handy)?

  4. Hi there. Thank you for this. No, I hadn’t seen any for sale, I just spotted one online a while back that someone had made and loved it. People make cute cat/dog beds out of the smaller cases which I think are great too. As the case is still useable, I just put what I need in there (in my case PJ’s and winter woollies) so I don’t miss a ‘drawer’ as such.

  5. That’s absolutely amazing and has inspired me to dig out that old vintage suitcase at the back of my cupboard, which is beautiful but impractical – nice one!

  6. Wow!!! I love this little project – breathing new life in to something tired and old is not just money saving but so imaginative and different. You may just start a new trend! If you don’t win that comp then the judges are mad!! Good luck girl!!! Xx

  7. Hello Adele, thank you! Glad to have inspired a little upcycle!

  8. Hi Sara, thank you! Not all of my little projects work out so well but I am pleased with this one :)

  9. Oh wow, that is so adorable. I would live to make something like this but it never seems to turn out right, this is definitely inspiring though!

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