Spotted! Cheap Emma Bridgewater Goodies

I’ve always loved the look of Emma Bridgewater home accessories but could never quite stomach the price tag.  I kid you not, I nearly had a mild, yet significant, heart attack when I spotted the shelves of discount store QD, brimming with cheap EB!

Cheap Emma BridgewaterMany of these designs are still on sale AT FULL PRICE on the Emma Bridgewater website here.  Some examples my dear:

  • Polka dot tin trays on EB website: £30, price in QD: £3.99
  • Set of 3 Cake tins on EB website: £30, price in QD: £14.99
  • Black Toast Hatch Cracker Tin on EB website: £8, price in QD: £4.99
  • Black Toast tea caddy on EB website: £8, price in QD: £ 5.99

Emma Bridgewater at QDI think these would make beautiful house-warming gifts and fabulous Christmas (yep, I said it) presents too.

Are you an Emma Bridgewater fan?


  1. Wow, I love Emma Bridgwater. I’ve never heard of this shop QD. Wish I lived near it!! xx

  2. This is an amazing find – I love Emma Bridgewater bits!

  3. Hello Kirsten. I was pumped when I spotted them! I’m a Emma Bridgewater fan too, so couldn’t resist picking up some bits.

  4. Hot damn! I haven’t seen any QDs up here in North Yorkshire, so I’m going to have to get my mum to do a sweep of the branch back home in Clacton. :)

  5. Thanks Annie. Sadly there aren’t any branches near me in the East Midlands! :-(

  6. Oh no Sarah. I thought there were a few more stores dotted about than there are.

  7. I think some stock in QD’s are also in Home Bargains. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there are in there tomorrow.

    Good luck people!

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