Huge Discounts At Joules Spring Sale

If you are easily offended at the sight of white, pasty legs, please look away now. With the health warning aside, lets crack on with news of  THE BEST designer sale I have ever stumbled upon!

2 weeks ago, I attended the  ‘Joules Spring Clean – Bigger Than Big Sale’.  A friend at work had told me about the sale and that he had picked up some amazing bargains the previous year. Clearly that was the year I was housed under a rock, as I had no idea these huge discount sales were being held by Joules. Take a look at what I found at Rockingham Speedway.

Joules Sale Wellies Many items for sale are still current stock and all have the tags and related packaging included. Id say 90% of the things for sale were in perfect condition with only a few separate items with faults (clearly marked).

joules sale RockinghamTables were stacked high for this event which was held over 2 days.  Men’s, women’s and kids clothing, shoes and accessories were available at a fraction of the original selling price.

Joules coat saleA great range of Men’s and Women’s quilted jackets, marked up at £125 were just £25 each.

Cheap Joules Jacket Wellies for both men and women were marked at anything from £100 but were just £15

LATE MARCH 2014 054 LATE MARCH 2014 053I was very restrained and only picked up 2 dresses. Originally £60 each but I paid just £15.

Joules DressAnd in a beautiful green..

Discount Joules Dresses

If you follow me on Twitter (@savvyannieuk) and Instagram (SavvyAnnieUK), then you will have seen snaps of the sale already. This sale is held twice a year in Rockingham and others ‘pop up around the country’ according to Joules. I spotted this events calendar on their website which lists upcoming events. I see they have a sale on in Ipswich this weekend!

Are you a fan of Joules? I am at these prices.


  1. I can’t get over how cheap the coats were! I got one for Christmas that was over £100. Going to see if there is one near to me. Thank you Annie :)

  2. Saw your post and went to the Joule event in Ipswich last saturday.Husband and I both stocked up on things we needed.When we got home I counted up what we had saved.£402.76 What can I say – thanks Annie

  3. That’s excellent Angela! Hope you are happy with your bargains.

  4. Hi Denise. The prices are great considering what brilliant quality most things are. They should be super long lasting. Check the events calendar I attached in the blog post to see if there is a sale due to pop up near you.

  5. It’s so awesome when you find a great quality product that you love even at their normal high price, for a fraction of it! Incredibly jealous of those wellies, the pair with the dogs on are gorgeous.

  6. Hi Scoperks! Yes, it’s fab isnt it! Those dog wellies are lush.

  7. Hi Les, use the link in my post to find dates of events. Thanks

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