Easter Reductions!

Well hello there guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I ate too much chocolate and drank too much wine. Pah!

Last year, I stumbled across some reductions in Tesco on their Easter stock, so this year, I thought I’d nip by to see what they had and let you know.

EASTER CLEARANCE AT TESCOThe shelves looked pretty healthy but I don’t think the reductions were as good as last year. Here’s a snippet of what I spotted:

- Muffin tray and set; Was £10, now £2.50

- Egg Hunt kit; Was £5.00, now £1.25

- Easter Bonnet’s; Was £1, now 50p


Make your own felt characters kit; Was £2, now £1 

Mini Chicks; Was £1, now 50p

Easter Fun Colouring Book; Was £2, now £1

Butlers Medium Dark Chocolate Egg; Was £10, now £5.

A few reductions have been made on-line here at Tesco but not many.

This is the ideal time to stock up on bits for next year, like decorations, bonnets and activities for the kids.

Will you be hopping by (oh gawd) to see what you can grab? What did you do this Easter weekend?


  1. We were in a Tesco in Leeds on Monday and there were by the door what must have been HUNDREDS of One Direction full size Easter eggs for 75p.

    So, if you have a hyper child into the 1D boys make sure to head on over to Tesco in Bramley, Leeds.

    Apart from that the only other decent discount I saw was in M&S where all their eggs were 50% off. Again this was on the Monday though so they have probably all gone by now.

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  2. You’re right, some of them really aren’t that much lower in price. I saw some great deals at M&S on Monday when I was out though. Chocolate is chocolate whether it’s egg shaped or not, so I stocked up!

    If you have any pets, I know Pets at Home have seasonal stock for most holidays (and they definitely did for Easter) which gets heavily reduced once the season’s over. After Christmas I got a £15 rawhide chew hamper for dogs for £1 I think, so definitely worth a look! :-)

  3. Hi Jon, thanks for the top tip. I can picture it now, hundreds of 1D fans storm the place!

  4. Great idea for the pet related products Scoperks! Thank you :)

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