What I picked up at auction and what I did with it

You all know me well enough by now, so you will know there are 2 things I cant resits….A bargain and a spot of Up-cycle (DIY) action!

Recently, I attended my first ever auction. Man alive it was exciting! It can be a great way to kit out your home cheaply (which was my aim) or use it to buy and sell on.

I was up to my eyeballs that day (as usual) but registered to bid for the lots I was after, on-line. You could hear the audio of the live auction taking place. It was exhilarating but I can see how you can easily get carried away and end up buying a ton of stuff you don’t need. The pace is fast, the prices are low and the auctioneer, a professional charmer. Bad combination for the wallet.


Vintage Bush RadiogramMy heart was pounding after I won this beautiful Bush Radiogram for just £2. I think it’s stunning but the fact its huge and I needed to fit it in my car, may have slipped my mind that day. £2 though, madness!

Stool UpholsteryI had spotted this little foot stool on the auction site preview a few days before and I knew I had to make him mine! I won it for just £1 and promptly transformed it, into this gem. I picked up the foam and fabric from Dunelm.Yes, any professional upholstery people will be disgusted at my first attempt but I’m pretty pleased!

Stool Re-upholstery Finally, many of you will already have seen what I made with the £2 Suitcase I picked up that day. Yes, I made a table! Check out the full step-by-step tutorial for that here.

Suitcase Table before and afterIt was a fruitful day but if you are heading to an auction and are on a tight budget, my tips are:

- Visit the site to measure up and inspect what you are planning on bidding on. Most auction sites don’t add dimensions and you don’t want to end up with a haul you cant shift!

- The photos on the auction sites can be pretty pants, so you want to check out the items condition in the flesh, as many can have damage not pictured

- Try not to get carried away and leave with a loot you don’t need! This is waaaay easier said than done, so good luck if you can stick to that one. 

Have you ever been to an auction? What do you think of what I picked up?


  1. That suitcase table was a gorgeous upcycle, as is that bargainous foot stool – nice work!

  2. Thank you Bean! I went to Harrison’s Auction House which is fairly local to me. I should imagine I will find my way back to them soon.

  3. AH! You never forget your first auction…..

    Lovely foot stool upcycle. Be proud :)

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