Two Minutes To Save You Cash

In recent weeks, I’ve made a few small, but significant changes around the home, that will save me cash and I wanted to share them with you. Yes, they are obvious to many but I think it’s always handy when someone trots along and reminds you! So, ta-da, here I am. These small changes will only take up a couple of minutes of your time.

Small changes to save cash Savvy Annie

  • My central heating was set to come on at set times for a certain period each day. I hadn’t amended this since the cold winter months, so now that I am strolling around the house in my pants, I knew now was the time to reduce this! This saving should add up to a sizeable amount as gas is so darn expensive. Get turning that dial down, or off if you can handle.
  • I hang my washing out in the morning before work. A quick check of the weather forecast the night before is all it takes to come back to fresh, dry clothes. Fewer costly tumble-dryer runs and drying clothes on radiators.
  • Share the love for bath water. My son has a bath every evening and once he is tucked up in bed, I nip down and dive in (minus the rubber duck and crocodile).  We all know taking baths aren’t the most savvy option when it comes  to saving water but sharing is caring and in my case, the water is already sitting waiting.
  • Switching to LED Light bulbs! This is one change alone where the savings will stack up over it’s lifetime. Super bright, quick light up and long lasting. Check out Light bulbs Direct with the figures on how much you can save by making this change.

These are a few of my small changes I’ve made of late that will save me cash in the long-run.

What small changes have you made recently?




  1. I’ve turned the temperature down on my Gas boiler today. I have it set higher in winter to heat the house quicker.

  2. We disconnect anything we are not using…and when kids are in school, I watch TV on my ipad!

  3. Thanks Layla, it feels about right now to get turning temperatures down doesn’t it.

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