Change The Way You Shop For Clothes

Here we are again, on another fabulous bank holiday weekend. Hell to the yeah!  I was having a mooch around the shops with my friend earlier and when I suggested we nip over to the children’s section to look at the clothes for us, she looked at me like I was nuts.

The UK sizing peeps class me as a ‘petite’ woman. I’m a smidgen under 5ft 3″ and a dress size 6/8. I regularly shop in the kids section of high street shops, as you can often get exactly the same designs as you do in the ladies department but for a snip of the price! Here is a dress I picked up in the teenage section at New Look for £7.

New look MidiIMG_1045New look midi dressIMG_1058I think if you wear smaller sizes or are a shorty like me, you should always be snooping in the kids section as you could bag some real bargains. I also pick up cheaper shoes too as I am a UK size 4 ,so save more cash. Win!

Do you pick up clothes from allocated ‘kids’ departments? What do you think of my £7 dress?


  1. Great post Annie!
    I remember when I was in my early twenties I’d occasionally hit Tammy Girl for their t-shirts.
    Children’s clothing is VAT exempt so there can be some real bargains out there if you can fit in it.

  2. Yes indeed Thrifty! The VAT exemption is worth a highlight. Might show a few more of my finds on here soon.

  3. The dress really suits you – I never would have guessed it was from the kids section! Great tip :)

  4. Thank you Scoperks! Yes, always worth a look-see.

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