Don’t Miss Out On Free Cake And Drink!

Way back in October last year, I told you about a fab freebie too good to miss. Well it transpires, quite a few of you did miss out back then but I’m here to remind you again! I am of course talking about the tasty freebies I grab EACH MONTH from posh shop John Lewis.


By signing up to the John Lewis free ‘loyalty card’ they will send you some coupons in the post, labelled up for the coming months. Each month since November last year, I have been popping into my local John Lewis cafe for a free cake and drink. No purchase necessary AT ALL. Just stride up, select you cake and (hot) drink and hand over your coupon as payment.

Here is my original blog post with all of the details and how you can sign up.

Have you been grabbing this freebie or is this news to your cake loving ears?


  1. Thanks! I love to browse around John Lewis and my husband often gets bored, if I could tempt him in there with cake and a drink I think he would be pretty happy! (Or of course visit on my own and send him off so I can enjoy cake in peace!) =)

  2. Such a shame I’m not near a John Lewis where I live or work (grr!) great freebie though!

  3. This is brilliant. I have a MyWaitrose card and can pick up a free tea or coffee everyday. Sit in or take away :) Look forward to signing up for my free John Lewis cake!

  4. Oh wow, so you don’t need to buy anything to build up points for this?

  5. Hi Hayley,
    Nope, you don’t need to purchase anything at all. They send you the coupons with your free card and then more once they run out!

  6. Thanks for reporting on this! I live right next to a big JL and just received my coupons! bliss! can’t wait… what kinds of cake are included in the offer? any cake? :)

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