The Aussie Shampoo ‘Dupe’ I’d Never Buy Again

Despite the amount of hair I have, I’m not actually too precious about what shampoo I wash it with.  When I saw this nestled next to the more expensive bottles of Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo,  I hoped I’d stumbled upon a cheap dupe for my trusty fave. Oz Botanics Major Moisture shampoo was just £1.

OZ Botanics Major Moisture Shampoo ReviewThe bottle and design whiff of Aussie and the shampoo itself has the same consistency  and bubble-gum type scent.  On application, it foamed up nicely and the scent was released even more. At this point, I felt a bit smug at discovering such a bargain! I followed it up with my usual conditioner.

As my hair started to dry, it felt frizzy and brittle. After a blow dry sesh, it was a knotty, frazzled, un-manageable mess! I felt as though strands of my hair were ready to snap off as it was so dry and limp. I wanted to cry.

I’m so disappointed with this as I had such high hopes.  I wont be wasting my money on this again.

Have you tried this? I hope you had better results than I did.


  1. That’s so strange! I have super dry hair and this was fine on it, maybe you got a bad batch? That’s such a shame, I hope your hair is doing better now!!

  2. I only use from Aussie their conditioner, and I was wondering if you may have tried the OZ conditioner? Because I’d love to find a dupe for that… :) Where did you get this?

  3. Hi Hannah, I’m glad you found it worked for you. Yes, maybe a toxic batch was to blame! My hair is on the road to recovery thank you :)

  4. Hello Char, no I haven’t tried the Oz conditioner and this experience has put me off to be honest! I got this one from Home Bargains but I have seen it in Poundland and on Amazon too.

  5. Aldi are bringing out their version of Aussie looking shampoo’s and conditioners on 29th May. Might give them a go though a bit more at £1.99

  6. Hey Caroline, they sound good, I will be sure to look out for them! Thanks for the heads-up :)

  7. Funny, I just spotted it today in homebargains, but I was slightly put off by the review and have bought my regular Aussie…

  8. :( Aww thats awful! It was worth the risk I hope! Plus you have saved us all from wasting our money lol PS – B&M had big bottles of the conditioner for £2.50 – here’s hoping they get in the shampoo! x

  9. Hi Danielle, do you mean B&M have the big bottles of the real Aussie conditioner?

  10. I have never found a £1 shampoo that works for me. Whatever they take out to make it so cheap, also makes cheap shampoo rubbish on my hair!

  11. Hello Mrs Bargain Hunter! Surprisingly, I’ve had lots of success in the past with £1 shampoo but this one was a huge disappointment :(

  12. I found this to work really well on my hair but I did also use the conditioner, I never mix shampoo and conditioner brands as they are designed to work together – perhaps the formulas didn’t mix well when you used a different conditioner?

  13. I also found that it dried my hair out to the point i was itching my head loads!
    I used both shampoo and conditioner and after using the shampoo it turned into a horrible matted mess. However the conditioner i found was quite good and gave my hair a nice sleek look

  14. I bought this yesterday the shampoo and conditioner , was very disappointed , the shampoo didn’t lather up as well as others I’ve used and after using the conditioner and drying my hair It felt like it was very sticky and gummy ,so will have to wash it all over again later, I have long thick hair and it went frizzy and was hard to brush, I will stick to what I normally buy from now on

  15. I thought it was just me … thought I had found the holy grail but after a couple of shampoos ( and conditioner too ) my hair was soooo dry even my skin was parched ….. very strange I can normally use anything

  16. First time I used this was fine but the second time my hair feels greasy and sticky. I don’t think I will be buying this again.

  17. Hi, girls!
    I’m a chemical enginer who works in the cosmetics and beauty industry in a well known multi brand international holding.
    let me tell you something:there’s a huge research before a product is launched to the market.we study the “dupes” and some work quite ok in a short time…The rest…better bin them.
    about using matching shampoo and conditioner. …pure marketing.
    as well,it’s good to change the shampoo and conditioner after 3 months as the hair gets used to them.
    about finding bargains:I highly recommend the old home remedies like using mayonnaise as a hair mask or the avocado and honey one.
    good luck to restore your hair!

  18. I used the shampoo and condition and it work the same as the Aussie and I used the Aussie all the time a good buy I think.

  19. Super glad it worked for you Kim, my hair was having none of it!

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