Free “Super Dad” Printed Photo For Fathers Day!

I am that parent who dressed their baby up as a mini Santa at Christmas, Pumpkin at Halloween and uses the bubbles at bath-time to create a Mohawk with my son’s hair. My loves knows no limits people.

My next tool of humiliation, I mean, creative expression, links in nicely with this great freebie!

Free printed photo for Fathers Day

 Asda stores up and down the country are hosting this free gift for Fathers Day.

What is the freebie? “If your dad or partner is a super dad show him he’s your hero with our fun “SuperDad” personalised photo back drops and capes”

 How do I get it? “Take the kids into store on 7th June and simply get a cute photo of the kids on your phone. Then take your phone to the photo centre or the instant print photo machine, to get your free printed photo – which will make a special Father’s Day gift.

Is my local store participating in this freebie? Check out this link to see if your local is taking part.

I plan on popping the free print of my super-hero son, into a frame as a gift for his daddy on Fathers Day (reminder, it’s 15th June) .

Will you be heading out for this freebie and a pint of milk?

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