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With the weather up and down like a yo-yo, I’m always happy to have my beautiful, cosy tartan blanket on hand. It lives on the end of my (cold) leather sofa, in the cooler evenings I grab it for warmth instead of switching on my expensive heating.

WIN A TARTAN BLANKETThese pure wool tartan blankets measure approx 5ft x 6ft (bloomin huge!) and make an ideal throw for a bed, spruce old tired sofas, or even as a picnic rug once the weather picks up.WIN A TARTAN BLANKET RUG SAVVY ANNIE

I’ve teamed up with (I like to imagine they wear kilts at all times) to let one of you lucky Savvy Annie readers WIN your very own tartan blanket worth £25! This is such a great quality, beautiful addition to any home and fab prize.

The winner can chose from the first 12 colour options on this page . Wallace Tartan, Ramsay Blue, Heritage Of Scotland, Blue Douglas, Camel Thomson and Thomson Grey (the one I have) are to name a few.

To win, just tell me in the comments section below which colour you would chose. You can also gain extra entries in the widget below by following me on social media. The winner will be drawn at random


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If you cant wait for that, I’ve bagged you an exclusive discount code! Type in ‘savvy10‘ at checkout for 10% off. It is valid until 30th September 2014.

Good luck guys!


  1. I would choose the colour Royal Stewart. I remember my grandma having the exact same colour and we would snuggle under it on cold winter days next to the fire! Bliss!

  2. Ooh I’d pick the Ramsey Blue, love the colours!

    Fab blog missy!

  3. I chose the Stewart Muted Blue Tartan Blanket Rug, just because it would go so well with my sofa!

  4. Ooooh….tricky to choose but I’d go for the Stewart Muted Blue. Looks like it’d last years and tartan is always such a timelessly classic style choice so it’s practical, looks fab and won’t really go out of fashion. What’s not to like?! :)

  5. The Ramsay Blue would suit my living room. I’m ALWAYS cold so this would be great for me. :)

  6. Ohh, what a great giveaway. I love the Thompson Grey blanket- would go perfectly with my newly painted Grey feature wall in my living room.

  7. I would choose the dark maple tartan. Would go brilliantly in my lounge!

  8. I’d chose the Stewart Muted Blue Tartan as it would go with my living room.

  9. it would have to be the Stewart muted Blue for me. Gorgeous colours for snuggling under on a chilly day

  10. I’d have to say the Thompson Grey too, as it looks so versatile and so classic as well!

  11. I’d go for the Antique Buchanan. My Dad’s family tartan was Buchanan – seems appropriate for Father’s Day!

  12. I would choose Stewart Muted Blue Tartan Blanket Rug,lovely neutral colours.. What a fantastic giveaway.

  13. Absolutely adore the Stewart muted blue. My old dog loved our tartan blanket – it went with her to doggy heaven, so we could do with a replacement.

  14. I would definitely choose the Jacob tartan – love it!!

  15. Ooh, the Thomson Grey – my parents are Scottish and that’s my mum’s maiden name! (Also goes perfectly with my living room colours)

  16. I would accept any of the colours. They are all beautiful…

  17. They are all so lovely but my firm favourite is the Antique Buchanan Tartan Blanket Rug, the warm soft colours are beautiful I could picture myself snuggled up very happily in it (fingers crossed!)

  18. I would choose the Jacob tartan. Thanks for the chance.

  19. To be honest I would just be so excited to win I wouldnt mind what colour as theyre all lovely x

  20. I would choose the Wallace tartan – so subtle and sophisticated and splendidly cosy

  21. Camel Thomson is so gorgeous, I can see myself wrapped up in this but still looking very stylish :-) . I have Raynauds so always need to keep warm in the colder months.

  22. I would choose the Jacob Tartan Blanket Rug as the cream and brown colours would match my entire décor in my flat :-) x

  23. I’d go for the Thomson grey like yours, they look fab!

  24. I love the camel thomson. I could do with a decent blanket instead of just putting thr heating on!

  25. The Jacob Tartan Blanket Rug as it would make a fab gift for my lovely mum x

  26. It’ll be awesome to win the gorjuss Stewart Muted Blue Tartan design. Fingers crossed.

  27. I’d choose the Stewart Muted Blue. It’d go really well with an Ikea duvet cover I have, even if it would outshine it. They’re all lovely though.

  28. I’d choose Royal Steward Tartan. The same as the picnic rug my parents had when we were children.

  29. I love Tartan , i have Scottish roots and my partner is Scottish x fab giveaway , i love the Antique Buchanan Tartan Blanket Rug

  30. The Stewart Muted Blue Tartan blanket would look beautiful in our new bedroom. Good luck everyone xx

  31. Beautiful rugs. I’d choose the Antique Buchanan. x

  32. I’d go for the Jacob Tartan, would go lovely with our sofa :)

  33. I just love the rustic colours in the Dark Maple Tartan.

  34. I would choose the Camel Thompson of black,white and red.

  35. wow love this. I would choose the Stewart Muted Blue Tartan x

  36. I would love a Antique Buchanan Tartan Blanket Rug

  37. I would choose the Mackellar Tartan – it reminds me of one my Grandad had on his sofa x

  38. I would choose the Royal Stewart Tartan, thanks, lovely giveaway x

  39. Wallace Tartan Blanket Rug – so need one of these!

  40. Antique Buchanan but like other tartans as well

  41. I love the Stewart Muted Blue. I would look great in my currently half decorated bedroom. I would put it at the end of my bed. :) x

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