Lowest-Priced School Uniform

I know the school holidays have only just kicked off but it’s always a good idea to be a few steps ahead of the game! The apple of my eye has a long while to go yet before he’s at school, yet I do like to keep on top of what uniform prices are doing.

The Cheapest School UniformSupermarkets will undoubtedly undergo a price war again this year but Aldi are boasting about being the cheapest of all. Their prices are low and the quality is high. Check out just a few of them here…

Aldi School Uniform PricesHitting stores from Thursday 24th July, I’d say it’s well worth a visit to stock up on uniform staples. They really haven’t scrimped on quality to achieve low prices.

Aldi cheap school uniformsThank you to Aldi for sending over some samples and to my beautiful nephew Jack, who I made wear a padded coat on the most humid day of the year, just for you!

Have you spotted any school uniform bargains?


  1. Thanks for the post. I saw that Aldi had super cheap uniform and was very concerned about quality and durability, but great to hear that the products you’ve tested are worth buying.

  2. Hi Mrs Bargain Hunter! Yes, i’d say these ones are definitely worth it. Such good quality for the price!

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