No More Excuses – Getting Organised Part 1

My new year kickstart has been a big, fat fail whichever way you look at it. As I type, I’m in bed with tonsillitis. The dial on my electric blanket doesn’t know whats hit it as I notch it up and crank it down as my fever hits. It’s an ugly sight.

This pity party was in full swing until I thought “Annie, no more excuses, sort your shizzle out”. Join me for a mini series ‘Getting organised’ where I will tackle a new area each week I want to blitz.

Being on top of things including bills, direct debits and savings will all help you stay afloat financially. Knowing key dates bills are due and amounts will help you plan to perfection and avoid bank breaking charges etc.

As a previous owner of a very organised mind, my scatter brain I’ve lived with for the last 6 months depresses me beyond measure. In efforts to avoid total self loathing, I wanted to tell you about 2 great products that are getting me organised for 2015.

Getting organised this year 1

First up, is the Organised Mum Lifebook (£14.49).  This was a Christmas gift I squealed when I unwrapped! It has sections for planning everything from your monthly budget, shopping lists, key events and perforated To Do lists.  HEAVEN if you are too busy for your own good like I am.

Organised Mum Lifebook 2015 1

I’m also having a bit too much fun with the stickers that are included with the planner. All appointments, days out and things I need to remember, all have quirky stickers as cues!

Wunderlist review


Wunderlist is also a lifesaver for me. I’ve been using this FREE app for a few months now and wouldn’t be without it. If you haven’t heard of it, in brief, it allows you to create lists (which link across all devices you have the app on), will trigger reminders and you can invite others to see the lists you are working on. I have a list for Groceries, bills that are coming up and reminders on key dates such as DD dates.

These are 2 powerful tools I am using in efforts to becoming more organised.

Do you use anything that keeps all your plates spinning?  I’d love to hear about them.




  1. I love the idea of the diary – but I’m not a mum :( I do have a diary I bought at Oxfam though and I use my Google Calendar to run my life.

    I have a google doc budget sheet with a tab for every month I use to keep a list of my bills and (I try!) expenditure. It’s handy as it allows me to enter all of my bills so I know exactly how much I’m spending in any given month – especially good for one offs like Home/Car insurance.

    I also find it VERY handy to have two current accounts. One for bills – and one for anything else. Each month I transfer my bills payments out to another account and that’s the one I use for direct debits. It helps me know EXACTLY how much I have to spend.

    I use my Tesco grocery app for shopping lists (and mysupermarket for price checking).

  2. I used to use Wunderlist, I’m not too sure why I stopped because I did like it. My current ‘organiser’ is my Mum Diary which I am loving although I do like the sound of yours too. Let’s see if we can keep it up!!

  3. Hey Mummy Matters, get back on Wunderlist, you’ll be glad you did. Mind you, you sound pretty organised as it is.

  4. Claire, you sound SUPER organised! I could learn a thing or two from you :)

  5. I use the Evernote app in the same way I think, for to do lists. We also use the Cozi app which synchs all your family appointments on one calendar – both free. You can add shopping lists within that one too. And I have a nerdy spreadsheet for birthday dates and Christmas gifts with addresses, so
    I know what I’ve already bought for people and when their birthdays are. Other than that I’m a disorganised mess haha! That family organiser looks amazing! Thank you for the tips as ever :-)

  6. I definitely recommend giving Trello a go too. It’s a great website/app that allows you to create several to-do lists and move tasks in between them. For example I’ll have several list alongside each other with anything from ideas, things I need to do urgently, things that are half done and my favourite – the completed tasks. I love having a diary and lots of gorgeous notebooks too but I never seem to actually use them as much as I’d like – also the cost soon adds up. It is nice to actually write ideas down rather than type though.

  7. Ooohh yes, thanks Jenni. A lot of people at work use Trello and rave about it. Will take another peek at it :)

  8. Thanks Kirsten! Now I didn’t get on with Evernote for some reason. Maybe there was too much going on for my teeny brain to deal with. Cozi app sounds really interesting though, I will be sure to check it out. X

  9. Hi Annie, I was just having a read through your blog! Very inspiring and very human – if that even makes sense! I know what I mean though haha..

    Maybe you could give a shout-out soon about uswitch, and other websites of the like. is a new one that helps customers save money on their gas and electricity bills. Best wishes, Katie x

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