Living Room Trends That Wont Bust The Budget

In a matter of weeks I will be moving out of my beautiful yet hugely impractical cottage. It doesn’t retain any heat (so costs me a fortune to maintain my body temperature!), it lets water in when it rains and the drainage system is older than time itself.

Due to my impeding house move, I have been hooked on Pinterest for ideas to inspire me!

Savvy Annie boards PinterestI’ve also been browsing Furniture Choice website which is packed full of great tips on decorating your home as well as some seriously dreamy furniture. As my retro, well-loved sofa has finally bitten the dust, I’ve gone and fallen in love with this classic beauty.

Budget Friendly Home Decor

This Mink coloured ‘Kansas Fabric Sofa’ screams out cosy yet sophisticated comfort. Just what the doctor ordered for this chilly lady.

I imagine it layered with comfy cushions and more than the odd blanket to snuggle under. Aaahhh guys, this is the dream. What I love about Furniture Choice is that you can spread your payments out, so you don’t have to stump up the cash all in one month. The beauty I’ve got my eye on is £7.04 a month.

I’m still the same Annie who adores Shabby chic design (see some of my projects here), retro and vintage pieces but I’ve been totally won over by the more luxury and indulgent trend.  I am of course aiming to achieve this on a tight budget! Follow me on Instgram, Facebook and Twitter where I will report back on ‘luxury feel’ home accessories or DIY projects I start up. Full ‘moving house décor updates’ to follow!

Which trends do you follow when decorating?

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  1. Youre welcome Denise. Looks like lots of us are moving home around the same time! At least we will be settled by sping/summer.

  2. I love any ideas on sprucing up my house on a budget!! Keep the ideas coming please, I’m currently trying to transform 3 rooms in my house that need a little TLC! Bargain finds are a must or my husband will have a moan, ha ha! Xx

  3. That sounds like a big task Mazza,I don’t envy you! Will be sure to share my home-wear bargains with you all x

  4. I actually really like the idea of spreading payments out, especially if they are interest free! As you said, why pay it all at once when that money could be earning you interest in your bank account! We got new sofas in November and I absolutely love them <3

  5. Hi Emma, yes spreading the payments out makes it all so much more manageable. Glad you are loving your new sofas!

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