Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Freebie – Review

In efforts to wean myself off my favourite expensive mascara (Chanel I’m looking at you), I’m on the hunt for an alternative that lives up to the claims.

I spotted Benefit’s new Roller Lash Mascara as a freebie in Elle’s March issue.  Now the magazine costs £4, so I aim to read EVERY last word printed as that is STEEP in my book.

Roller lash freebie mascaraThe full-size mascara (8.5g) usually costs £19.50, so this freebie is worth around £6.88. benefit roller lash

The mascara claims; Super curling and lifting

My lashes:  Naturally long, with only a hint of a curl

The brush is plastic, which was an initial disappointment. I’m a fan of bristles that grip my stubborn lashes but I needn’t have been so sceptical as this brush was great at clinging onto my lashes giving them a decent coating each time.

Benefit Roller lash review

Conclusion: This mascara is fantastic! After only one coat, I was impressed by the coverage and ‘eye opening’ result.  By coat 3, I was hooked! I will be using my advantage card points in Boots to buy the full size version soon.

Have you tried this?

What’s your favourite budget mascara?


  1. I find Benefit mascara’s to dry out really quickly which is a shame as the products are usually very good. I recommend Maybelline’s rocket volume mascara if you haven’t tried it – so good!

    Jen xx

  2. OOooooo thank you so much I love Benefit. I shall pop and get one later this afternoon. Thanks again x

  3. Not very budget at 19quid!
    I love Estée Lauder but budget choice is also maybelline. They do one in a purple packaging which I can’t remember. It doesn’t last as long but not that bad for a third of the price. But I’m always open to find new ones! X

  4. Hi Hannah, nope not budget at all but still cheaper than the one I current lust after. I would only buy this with saved up advantage card points or when it’s on offer. Still, its a great little sample even if people just try it this once. Makes a great travel option too :)

  5. Hi Jenifer. Oohhh I cant say I’ve ever had that problem, maybe I’ve just been lucky! I will be sure to add Rocket Volume onto my list to try -thanks very much. X

  6. I know Emma! It didn’t sit well with me to pay that for the magazine but the mascara is a winner!

  7. it is expensive for a magazine, but worth it for the mascara sample – I’ll be buying mine on my boots points too, it always feels so satisfying – like getting something for free!

    Sammy xo.

  8. Hi Sammy, i’ve got my points ready and waiting for when it’s out. Excited.

  9. Hi Annie!
    Thanks for the tip! Went and picked up a copy of Elle today with the free mascara can’t wait to try it! My mascara was ready to be replaced but just wasn’t sure which one to go with! :0)

  10. Gutted … have been looking for this magazine for nearly three weeks to try out the mascara. Seems they are sold out everywhere!! Boo – Elle!!

  11. THANK YOU Annie I loved it! I loved it so much & told anyone who would listen how good it was! Treated myself to a full sized one….and then won benefits competition of best selfies of the roller lash results…won lots of benefit roller lash goodies inc another full sized roller lash mascara so I’m all set for the next year! Haha! Thank you so much again for posting this xxxx

  12. Yay! Louise that’s great. So glad you liked it and congrats on winning that competition :)

  13. Thanks Annie! Wouldnt have even known about the free sample if it wasn’t for your fab site!! Thank you!! Xxxx

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