5 Things I Buy From Home Bargains

I’ve acquired quite the talent of always being able to hunt down the nearest Home Bargains store in new towns I visit. I love it.

If you haven’t ever been before, these stores are full of brands you will recognise, at discounted prices. They also have a huge range of their ‘own brand’ products which range from everything from homeware to beauty products to toys!

Things I buy from Home Bargains

The top 5 things I reach for:

- Discounted name brand beauty products.

As the stock changes fairly frequently, you can pick up a host of name brand beauty products that are much more expensive in the likes of Boots and Superdrug. I did a blog post on bargain beauty finds at Home Bargains right here.

- Kids Toys

My son is of an age where is gets invited to numerous kids parties. I find nipping to HB is much more fruitful than trying to team oddments from Poundland with more quality products! You will find a HUGE supply for kids of all ages. Name brand characters fill the shelves, much to the delight of my Thomas the Tank and Foreman Sam loving toddler. Craft sets and supplies are pretty great here too.

- Homewear

If you follow my Instagram (SavvyannieUK),you’ll see it’s brimming with snaps of Home Bargains finds. I’m always drawn to their homewear products that have a clear nod to vintage and retro design. If you are into anything Shabby Chic, you will adore it! Prices are low and quality is high.

- Snacks and Treats

I’m a snacker and I dont care who knows it!  I keep myself in good supply of biscuits, cakes and sweets by tapping up the sweetie aisle on every visit.

- Cleaning products

Again, with the perfect mix of branded goods, you will find yourself with at least one cleaning product in your basket! I go for Cillit Bang and carpet cleaner as standard!

What do you always pick up on a visit to Home Bargains?



  1. Ah a woman after my own heart! I adore Home Bargains and never fail to leave empty handed. I just wish we had one in Peterborough. I tend to go to Corby or Boston. Do you know of any nearer?!?!

  2. I will be honest

    I was disappointed to see that the Kellogs variety pack isn’t in your list!

    My parents never let me have those at home but when staying at my grandparents the rules regarding mini box sized cereal were very much broken.

  3. I agree too. Look out for their Luxury Mis-shapes chocolates, £1 for a generous bagful. They may sound like a contradiction in terms and look slightly scruffy, but they are truly delicious.

  4. Hi Mummy Matters! Totally agree – I wish there was one closer. Like you, I go to the one in Corby or sometimes venture to Grantham.

  5. Hey David. Yes, keep your eyes peeled I say! Use their store locator to see if there is one near you.

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