Why Working Full Time Is Making Me Skint and Fat

Last year, I went from working part time, to full time. I adore my job and have had an array of amazing opportunities as a result of taking on a more senior role.

It is however, massively ‘full on’ (demanding) so I have less time/energy all round and this has seen a big knock on effect across every area of my life. I’m not moaning at all, just setting the scene, I promise.

I’ve noticed a HUGE change in my attitude towards money as the amount of free-time I had dwindled. As a result of working crazy hours, I don’t have time to prepare lunches for the day ahead which means I’m ploughing my cash into the work canteen! Then after work, I have been known to stop in and grab fast food as I am too exhausted to cook from scratch with my laptop staring at me.

I’m also finding I am guilty of over compensating on treats for my son, as my time with him is less now too.

Saving moneyI am writing this as a push to get myself back on the savvy path and also to speak to any of you in a similar boat! I have also recently implemented some small actions that will see me back on a more even keel soon:

1) I have been forcing myself to get up half an hour earlier to prep food for the day. This means no trip to the expensive work canteen and I’m not sleep deprived either.

2) Using my slow cooker more. On my early start, I throw the ingredients into the slow cooker and when I arrive home, I dish it up for me and my son. Savvy, clean and ready when I need it. Check out my ‘Slow cooking for busy bitches’ to see the meals I make.

3) Switch off in the evening and give the time (not ‘stuff’) to my son. This is by far the one that makes me happiest and means no more guilt buying.

4) Be organised, prepared and mindful of what’s important.


How do you stay on track when leading a busy life?



  1. I’m also guilty of spending a huge amount of money at my work’s canteen! I can spend £7 a day on breakfast and lunch which would consist of things like crisps, chocolate and cheese-covered dishes. I’ve recently begun making my lunches too. I agree it’s a pain and time consuming. I think it has had such a positive impact on my finances so am glad I’ve stopped. I just force myself to do it when I get home. I know that if I don’t I will be so annoyed with myself the next day! The food at work isn’t even that nice and I’ve put on over half a stone from it!

  2. Hi agree with all above comments I’ve just started a new job and already bad habits of buying coffee at expensive coffee shops are creeping in. I’m setting myself a challenge of cutting down the amount of times before going cold turkey! Good luck with the new routines.

  3. I’m lucky because my husband makes the packed lunches if I make the tea. He’s gluten-free, so until recently he has had to take packed lunches. It’s such a habit now that he’s not tempted to buy gluten-free in the work café even now it is readily available. Our boxes are much more varied and healthy than what I see my colleagues and students eating from the café, and we know what’s gone into them. But yes, especially on a Sunday night, I can see him groan as he starts on the lunch boxes, and I admit the children usually have school lunches as they offer such choice and value, and are reasonably healthy.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Phew, it’s good to hear I’m not alone on this! Sounds like you are making great strides to break these bad habits too. Lets cheer eachother on!

  5. Hi Helen,
    It sounds as though youve got a great system going there! Hope you are all well. Annie

  6. Good post this

    I know where you are coming from. In my life I fit in a full time job + work from home jobs (I bring in just under £1000 a month doing those) + running The Money Shed. All of this leaves very little time so like you have mentioned above I don’t have the time to prepare a meal for lunch the day before and usually end up getting food on the go (I am lucky my job in smack bang in the city centre). However I have managed to save money by using the o2 priority moments app and getting the lunches they give out for £1 each on a Monday. I go to 2 different place each Monday so I get lunch for both that day and the next day for £1 each!

  7. When I started working full time every weekend I made a tomato based sauce, a chilli & a bolognese sauce which made it easy to throw a home made meal together at least 3 or 4 times a week.

  8. My life is also very busy! What helps me stay sane in the whirlpool of tasks? I regularly go to the swimming pool and do some excercising there. When I don’t have time for it, I take a stroll at the local park (at least 25 minutes) – very refreshing after the long exhausting day in front of my computer! These two things help me feel energised in the evening, and I usually don’t mind cooking or performing some other chores. Still, I’m definitely not as busy as you are, Annie. Because at the moment I don’t have kids – and from what my friends/relatives say, kids require a lot of time.

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