How To Talk To Your Children About Money

Money and finances in the home is often a taboo subject.  I know far too many couples who hide their financial worries from their partners and often feel alone when things become too much. I think a great place to start with opening up the conversation about money at home, is with the kids!

Children are mini sponges and can be very receptive to ‘money training’ if presented in the right way for their age group. It can lead to financially confident children with a responsible attitude towards cash – which is invaluable.

Although my son is still very young,  I am trying to instil the basic principles already. Check out my video I made with Voucher Codes on how I talk to my son about money.





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  2. Great video, Annie! Seems like you’ve got everything planned for your son! :)
    100% agree that money talks should not be overly serious at this point. But you still need to teach the basics.

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