Clearing Out! My Selling Successes And Failures

I’m on the countdown to moving house which mostly fills me with excitement but also a slither of dread! I’ve got so much to get rid of and I never cease to amaze myself by how much ‘stuff’ I’ve built up over the past few years. Every cubby hole is full of forgotten about items, which tells me, it has to go. I refuse to simply transfer unnecessary rubbish from one house to the next! Hear me roar!

Much of my belongings I have either given to charity, thrown away or attempted to sell. Here I highlight my selling successes and failures thus far.

 Car Boot Selling tips

Facebook Selling Groups: I joined around 20 local selling groups to save me the hassle of packing up and waiting in line at the post office! Not to mention wanting to avoid eBay fees and postage – It’s robbery!

Successes: Easy to join groups (just search for selling groups in your local area), list items for FREE and the buyer usually collects directly from you at home. You can join groups to shift specific items eg Baby clothes, toys or furniture in your local area.

Fails: Buyers not turning up to collect, wasting your time meaning you have to re-list.

Gumtree: I sold 2 items on Gumtree and I found the process simply and easy to use. The app was super handy too.

Successes: Straight- forward, FREE service (you can pay to upgrade to optimise your listings of course)

Fails: I received a few spam texts as my mobile number was associated to the listings. Grrrrrr.

Car Boot Sale: As the sun has his hat on this weekend, I hit the car boot sale with an ungodly amount of ‘stuff’. I managed to make just over £100 which I am delighted with given most things I only asked for 50p for!

Successes: Shifting lots of things not ebay worthy.

Fails: Can be a hard slog and battles can break out over the sake of 20p!


What are your top tips when selling your old items?





  1. I feel your frustration about people not turning up from Facebook, have you tried pre-loved ? it’s free to list and easy to use I’ve sold a few things on there.

  2. Ooooooh yes, I’ve had a lurk on PreLoved but never bought or sold on there. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thank you for this – you’ve inspired me to get clearing out and try a car boot. I’ve been told about pre-loved too – will have to take a look, it’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate that you never use! Thank you for the tips!

  4. I sell my junk (for lack of a better way) in all of the same places and unfortunately I’ve not seen the same results you have… (I wish I had!)

    Gumtree – Never sold an item. I’ve listed loads of stuff it just seems as though nobody wants it :(

    Facebook – People wanting something for nothing!! – Maybe this is just a location thing.

    CarBoots – Can be a hard slog, and the table costs can be expensive but we seem to get the most stuff shifted here for a reasonable price.

    eBay – Simply can’t be bothered with the hassle and the 10,000 fee’s associated with selling just one item.

    Hopefully your great results will rub off on me! :D

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