Assemble The Minions!

There are some films I dread my son asking me to watch for the 600th time but Despicable Me isn’t one of them! Poundworld have come to the rescue when affordable merchandise it called for.  I’m so pumped the new Minions film is out for release on 26th June (this Friday).

My 3 year old is obsessed with the ‘minions’ and anything with their odd little faces on, gets his juices flowing. If you or your kids are the same, then you will love this little lot from Poundworld!

 Cheap Minions Toys

Minions at Poundworld

My 3 year old loved the products we were sent from Poundworld. His absolute favourite was the Foldable Scooter (£16.99). Easy to assemble straight from the box, he was ready to go in minutes!  Covered in minions, the blue and yellow design is quirky and fun. It moves well and the handles are height adjustable, meaning it will last my boy a while and he can share with his pals of different heights. I love this as it folds away nicely.

The Pop-Up Tent (£9.99) cause the most tears as the children ALL wanted to play in it at the same time! It’s roomy, but not roomy enough to fit 5 oversized toddlers simultaneously! As the name suggests, it pops straight out of the box and is all set. My son really loved playing in here with his toys and disappearing off to his tent when he was tired for a little ‘quiet time’. Best part for my OCD, is that it comes with a little carry case which means it can be tidied away after play.  Winner!

I took a trip back to my youth and took the Minions Hopper (£4.99) for a spin. It held my weight well as I did a circuit around the garden before being booted off by the kids. I adore these hoppers and the adults love it too,so I don’t mind them living in the garden as the whole family can have a hoot.

Finally, there may have been a few scuffles amongst the adults due to this cool Bowling Set (£6.99). Lightweight but sturdy enough for a good game, knocking over the little minions had the whole family playing together. My colleagues are desperate for me to take this into work so we can unleash our competitive vibes in the office! Highly recommend this set.

Check out the full range of Despicable Me goodies at Poundworld right here.

Will you be taking your minions along to see the new Minions film set for release on 26th June?


  1. My kids will love this! Thank you. Good that you can order online isn’t it. We don’t have a local poundworld, just a ‘land’.

  2. For other bits like T-shirts and bags, Primark seems to be over-run with minions at the moment….

  3. Hi Denise, yes this is super handy about being able to order on-line. Hope your kids enjoy it!

  4. Hi Annie, I am glad to have found you. My youngest is 7 in a couple of weeks and loves minions. His birthday could be a lot cheaper now. Thank you!

  5. Yay! Happy to have helped Tara. Hope he has a great birthday.

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